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Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography has traveled around the country photographing Entrematic Fans. Earlier this year, he visited Springfield, Missouri with GDD Interactive to photograph The Outland, a music venue that won an Entrematic fan. The shoot was a combination of event, advertising, and product photography. Photographing the fan at work in a live music venue adds a great dimension of authenticity and visual interest.

Steel Shutter Photography traveled to Missouri with GDD Interactive ad agency to photograph this shoot


A Focus on Your Customers

This photo shoot at The Outland was a great opportunity to document the customers who use Entrematic fans, lending a dimension of social proof to the brand’s advertising photos. Showing prospective customers how your products are being used in real situations is a powerful advertising tool.  Even more exciting? It gets your existing customers interested in the photo shoot and invested in sharing your images. In an age of social media, this can be an incredible asset.
GDD Interact ad agency out of Dallas collaborated with Steel Shutter Photography for this on site photo shoot


For the shoot, Jeremy captured the unique atmosphere of this small music venue. Shots of a bartender’s quick bottle flips and the performing musicians create a strong visual narrative. These photos of the environment and patrons put the Entrematic product in a compelling visual context.


The Outland in Springfield, MO

Leveraging Social Proof

Showing your products in action, particularly in an organic, unstaged photo shoot allows you to leverage social proof in your advertising campaign. Ed Halen defines social proof as “the concept that people will conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior.” In this Entrematic photo shoot, the images show a venue crowded with people enjoying themselves. The visual story shows a comfortable, exciting environment and puts The Outland’s stamp of approval on the Entrematic product. These photos act as a type of visual customer review (user reviews are one of the most influential forms of social proof).
If you’re planning your next advertising campaign and want to learn more about incorporating social proof into your strategy, check out The Ultimate Guide to Social Proof from Buffer.

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Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography has published more than 36,000 images worldwide. Earlier this month, he took home Gold in the Still Photography Campaign category at the Fort Worth Addy Awards. Jeremy will work with you to create professional, creative advertising images for your campaign. Contact him today using the button below to begin your free inquiry.


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