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Do you own a restaurant in the Dallas / Fort Worth area? Attract hungry (literally) customers with advertising photos that showcase your best dishes. Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography has published more than 44,000 images worldwide. That experience has given him plenty of insight into taking food photographs that delight your target customers.

Joe T. Garcia's restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas photographed by Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography

For this recent photo shoot at Joe T. Garcia’s, Jeremy highlighted the rich colors and atmosphere of the Fort Worth landmark. The result is a vibrant collection of images that showcase the unique dining experience Joe T. Garcia’s offers. Layers of texture, color, and glistening food tell a dynamic and mouthwatering story.

Joe T. Garcia's restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas photographed by Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography

3 Articles to Improve Your Food Styling

Excellent food styling plus an experienced advertising photographer are a recipe for photoshoot success. Here, we’ve gathered three great resources to help you improve your food styling. Whether you’re preparing for a professional photoshoot or polishing your restaurant’s Instagram feed, these tips are sure to help you stand out.

  1. 10 Ways to Improve Your Food Photography Styling  via Digital Photography School
    Digital Photography School lays out 10 basic tips that will add polish and interest to your food photography.
    Best tip: capture the “yum” factor of your dish and highlight it (like the creamy drips of an ice cream cone).
  2. Food-Styling 101: Pro-Tips to Step up Your Game via Serious Eats
    This thorough guide is aimed at amateur chefs, but has insights anyone can get value from. We especially love the comparison shots that demonstrate how different garnishes, serving styles, and other choices can change the feel of a shoot.
    Best tip: make sure your garnishes look delicious, not just beautiful.
  3. Food, Beautiful Food via Stylist
    Stylist magazine came up with this guide-slash-homage to food photography. Walking through the essentials of lighting, color, and framing, it also includes some interesting tips for adding visual interest from a food stylist.
    Best tip: try adding parchment paper or rumpled brown paper under food to create additional lines and add dimension to your visual story.


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