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“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” -Heywood Broun

It’s an exciting time in sports, with the Cubs’ World Series win and Friday night football in full swing here in Texas.  Steel Shutter Photography is busy documenting some of the great games taking place across the Metroplex and the state. From the Friday night glow of a high school football game to underwater shots of swimmers, Steel Shutter photography captures the defining moments of high-energy sports.

In sports photography, the difference between flat images and compelling ones is the photographer’s ability to convey the intensity of the moment. In the gallery below, you can see Jeremy’s eye for showing the competitive spirit of athletes. From posed portraits (first image) to action-packed game shots (last image), sports photographs by Steel Shutter show your audience the drive, energy, and talent of your athletes.

Quality sports photography can help you achieve many goals for your organization or client.

Document games

Documenting the play-by-play action of games is a core part of sports photography. Game photographs showcase your team’s accomplishments and create an emotionally-intense connection with your audience. High movement shots bring your audience into the most powerful moments of the season and tell a powerful story. Even better? Great wins become a strong marketing touchstone for your organization with the credibility that high quality photographs provide.

Attract fans and athletes

Connect with potential fans and athletes with photography that highlights your team’s unique strengths. Fans love getting to know your team through game photographs, behind the scenes shots, and riveting portraits. Similarly, pique the interest of potential athletes with photography showcasing your facilities, staff, and interesting aspects of your team.

Tell a story

Your team is more than a scorecard. Tell your team’s story in photographs that capture a narrative on and off the field. Whether your team is an underdog or a reigning success, Steel Shutter can help you uncover and tell the story that sets your team apart. With proven editorial and fine art experience, Jeremy brings an artistic viewpoint to your shoot, choosing each shot with precision and purpose.

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