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Sure, plenty of commercial photographers will travel around the Metroplex. Here at Steel Shutter, Jeremy takes things a little further. Wherever your imagination and projects take you, he’s ready to follow. This year he’s already captured the rural cowboys of Cuba and sports events in West Texas, just to name a few. While the West Coast (and San Francisco in particular) is Jeremy’s favorite photography destination, the motto around here is “Have passport, will travel.”


Arranging photo shoots away from your company’s headquarters can be daunting. Jeremy makes it simple, drawing on his experience shooting all over the world. Just contact him here to discuss your shoot’s parameters and he’ll walk you through every step of the process.


3 Questions to ask When Hiring a Traveling Advertising Photographer

When hiring a traveling commercial photographer, you may be working via long distance until the time of the shoot. Knowing how to identify a high-quality photographer who can capture your vision will streamline the process and eliminate headaches down the road. Below, we’ve listed 3 questions to ask when hiring a traveling advertising photographer.



  • Does their aesthetic fit my brand? If you’re interested in a photographer enough to consider hiring them, chances are you’re pretty impressed with their portfolio. Don’t let big name clients or eye-catching images distract you from the goal of your shoot, though. While many photographers will edit photos to fit to more closely fit the look and feel of your project, make sure the overarching style you see in  their portfolio fits with your brand. Having cohesive visuals is essential for connecting your brand with your target audience.




  • How professional is their reputation and process? It’s the age of the internet, so researching potential photographers is easier than ever. After doing a Google search to read relevant reviews, check out their social media profiles to see behind the scenes aspects of their work and get a feel for their process. This will also help you identify what types of agencies and clients the photographer regularly works with. After they pass your initial vetting, pay attention to how easy it is to contact the photographer and whether or not they have a clear process in place for preparing for your shoot and delivering images to you afterwards.




  • What kind of experience do they have? Is this their first year in business? Have they done advertising shoots before, or do they have another field of specialty? If they’ve never done a shoot similar to yours, does their portfolio demonstrate proficiency and creativity in related fields or events? A great photographer might not have shot something just like your project, but they should have enough related experience that they can execute the shoot with a minimal learning curve.


Jeremy’s travel experience lets him execute a variety of shoots with ease. Here are some of his photographs taken for shoots outside of North Texas.


Jeremy’s love of travel and experience as an advertising photographer makes him a great candidate for your on-location shoot. Contact Steel Shutter today to find out if Jeremy is the right fit for your project!


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