White Sands of New Mexico

In December of last year, snow fell in the Sahara for the first time since 1979. It was incredible to see the orange sand dunes swirled with white snow. Desert snow storms are rare, but not unheard of. According to the Smithsonian, Death Valley in California (which holds the record for hottest recorded temperature in the world) has seen snow on several occasions.
The American Southwest has its own remarkable set of dunes that don’t need snow to glisten white. The gypsum sands at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico are a stunning shade of white year round. After seeing the photographs of the Sahara, Jeremy’s photographs of the Tularosa Basin near Cloudcroft, New Mexico came to mind. As an advertising photographer based in Dallas / Fort Worth, Jeremy is always ready to pick up his camera and travel to your destination. Family vacation took Jeremy to Cloudcroft, where he was able to capture the sculptural images of white dunes seen below.

The White Sands of New Mexico

Traveling High into America’s West

While Cloudcroft has an arid climate, it also sits at one of the highest elevations in the United States.  This keeps the temperature down, making summers surprisingly cool for the region (average highs are in the low 70s).  A small mountain town established more than 100 years ago, it’s now a travel destination for New Mexico and Texas residents looking to escape the summer heat.
You can get a feel for what Cloudcroft is like throughout the year by viewing the city’s three live webcam feeds. Positioned throughout the elevated town, they give visitors and residents a glimpse of current weather conditions on a real-time basis. Last year, the winter temperatures dropped to a low of 9°, a chilly change of pace for the many Texas natives who visit each year.


Cloudcroft on Display

During his holiday Pop Up Gallery, Jeremy displayed images of Cloudcroft printed on aluminum, including the one below. The vividness of the images made them a conversation starter throughout the event. While only 525 miles from Fort Worth, it seems like an entirely different world.  

Jeremy Enlow will travel to you to capture the perfect photographs for your advertising project

You can see more photos of Cloudcroft, including those that were on display at the pop up gallery, by following Jeremy on Instagram.

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