3 Ways to Improve Your Staff Photography

Do your staff photographs look outdated? Are you ready to have photos that communicate how your company does business? Follow these three tips to improve your staff photographs.

1. Showcase Their Best Work

Your staff photographs can be used for a number of purposes — from marketing campaigns to website bios. At the end of the day, though, they exist to connect your customers and stakeholders with the people who make the work you do possible.

3 Ways to Improve Your Staff Photography by Fort Worth advertising photographer Jeremy Enlow

Use your staff photoshoot as an opportunity to showcase the work your employees do best. Whether that’s in a boardroom or patrolling the city, Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography will document your staff’s unique expertise.

For the photoshoot of Sundance Square security officers above, Jeremy took to the streets of Downtown. Always experimenting with new ways to get the perfect shot, he mounted his camera to a bicycle for part of the shoot. You can see that photograph over on Instagram!

2. Connect with Customers

Let your staff photographs help you position your brand. When you show potential customers not just who they’re doing business with, but how those people do business, you get a chance to set yourself apart. Think outside of studio headshots and get photographs that show your employees connecting with customers. The results are more authentic, and more engaging for your audience.

3 Ways to Improve Your Staff Photography by DFW advertising photographer Jeremy Enlow

3. Embrace Your Company Culture

Make sure that your staff photographs fit with your brand and company culture. Infuse elements of what makes your business unique into each image — whether that’s your place of business, signature products, or employee attitudes you value. The image below captures Joe T. Garcia’s famous patio dining space, uniform, and the vibrant attitude of their staff. Whatever your company values most can become a powerful part of your staff photographs.

3 ways to improve your staff photography by Dallas / Fort Worth advertising photographer Jeremy Enlow

Ready to get new staff photographs for your business? Contact Steel Shutter Photography today to begin collaborating on your photo shoot. Based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, Steel Shutter Photography accepts assignments around the world. Jeremy will work with you to create a staff photoshoot that is efficient and effective, communicating your business’ unique story.

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