Do Your Photographs Fit Your Industry?

“If your content isn’t driving conversation, you’re doing it wrong.” – Dan Roth

Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography prides himself on using photos to tell often overlooked stories. My vision as a photojournalist is to show the reader what they cannot see for themselves,” he says. “I like to photograph cultures of hardworking men and women.” His vision is evident in his inaugural book Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch and in his photos of rural Cubans taken earlier this year. However, it also comes out in corporate photographs that capture the spirit of a given industry.

When planning your next campaign, Steel Shutter can help you create images that drive genuine conversation around your brand and the people it’s made of. Jeremy’s attention to mood, lighting, and narrative help him strong photographs that don’t just sell your products, they connect people to your brand.

Color and light play a large role in the feel of your photographs. Here, Jeremy used a predominantly green setting to create a focal point with the scientist’s lab coat and microscope. The green also serves to brand the photo and subtly evoke the biology theme.  The glow from the microscope positions the photo in a real moment in laboratory activity, giving an authentic storytelling dimension to the image.

Photograph taken at University of North Texas Health Science Center

Photograph taken at the University of North Texas Health Science Center

Like the previous photograph, this image uses color and light to capture the active work of this welder. Jeremy draws on his photojournalism experience to take action images that have movement and depth. Building trust with your audience starts with showing them the work you do in an authentic way.

The cool blue colors evoke the metallic structure in the image and make the white welding flame stand out.

The cool blue colors evoke the metallic structure in the image and make the white welding flame stand out.

For many industries, work takes place outside of an office. Jeremy’s field and travel experience puts him at ease taking photographs in the places where your business happens. Here, strong colors and the employee’s uniform brand the photograph, while the background suggests vibrant activity. Dirty hands and uniform position the image in the moment – where the work gets done.

Photograph taken for Chesapeake Oil & Gas Company.

Photograph taken for Chesapeake Oil & Gas Company.

Your marketing assets help you build trust, answering potential customers’ questions before they ever set foot in your door. Here, the setting, serene coloring, and activity of the subject create a strong impression. No matter your field, many of your prospective clients will encounter you online first. Setting the tone on your website and social media accounts with solid, compelling images will drive traffic and create resonance. You can see more of Jeremy’s law office and corporate photos here.


Photograph of Ayres Law Office. 

Are your photographs telling the story of your industry? Contact Steel Shutter today to get the photographs you need to land your target customers.

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