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Education is incredibly important, and so is showing prospective students what your university does best. That’s why Steel Shutter Photography specializes in advertising photographs for your school. From editorial shoots that capture a particular story to advertising shoots that show campus life as it happens, Steel Shutter Photography can help you get the perfect images.

Your school has its own culture, values, and traditions. Make sure you hire an advertising photographer who can bring those elements to light.

For years, Jeremy Enlow has been photographing Abilene Christian University. The images below from his most recent shoot give a fresh, personality-filled look at the school. Engaging professors, well-stocked labs, and popular student hangouts came to life in this photoshoot.

No matter what your school’s personality is like, Fort-Worth based Steel Shutter Photography will help you document it.

Get high quality advertising photographs of your college Advertising Photographer Jeremy Enlow Advertising Photographer Jeremy Enlow Advertising Photographer Jeremy Enlow


3 Things Prospective Students are Looking For

1. A strong story

Your university is made up of many departments, teams, and traditions. However, prospective students want to see a streamlined narrative that makes sense. Be selective and intentional about how you tell your story. The more focused it is, the better.

When planning your photoshoot, consider narrative threads that can connect each image. Prospective students are constantly taking in a lot of information. Give them a memorable story.

2. Your amenities

It might seem cliche, but the amenities your campus has to offer can make a big difference to prospective students. When weighing the pros and cons of multiple schools, amenities can create an emotional pull to break the tie.

Your campus amenities are also a strong marketing asset because they display well in visuals. Be sure to get high-quality advertising photographs of your campus’ best features to attract new students.

3. Interesting images

The internet is increasingly visual. That means your prospective students are accustomed to consuming engaging, original visual content regularly. To compete, your school needs to have a library of interesting images to share. From social media to your website, print materials to email campaigns, photographs are essential for marketing success.


If you’re ready to showcase your university with new advertising photos, use the contact button below to begin your free inquiry.

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