5 Reasons Your Business Needs New Advertising Photographs

When was the last time your business updated its advertising photography? If it’s been a while, it’s most likely time for a refresh. Brands evolve, customer needs change, and it’s important for your photography assets to stay current. Now, more than ever, how you present yourself visually is vital to your business’ success.

If you’ve been debating getting new photographs taken, here are 5 things your business should consider.

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1. Photographs change the way people remember your business

Not only is a picture worth 1,000 words, it can be the difference between people remembering the words you right or not. According to one source, customers typically remember only 10% of the words you right. However, if you include a relevant, captivating image, they’re likely to remember 65%. That can be the difference between converting someone into a loyal follower of your business, or losing out to the competition.

2. Other businesses are paying attention to the photographs they use

Increasingly, businesses are investing time and resources into quality images. A recent survey of content marketers found that 78% were using original photographs and illustrations on their marketing channels. That means that your customers are more likely to be accustomed to high quality, original visual materials. If you’re relying on outdated photographs, or outsourced content, you’re risk falling behind.

3. Your audience sizes you up in the blink of an eye… or less

Your chance to make a strong first impression is short. Not just short… it’s almost unmeasurable. As people are confronted with more and more images online, their ability to take everything in decreases. The result? The average person decides what it thinks about your photographs in a mere 50 milliseconds. It’s important to make sure that your business has a strong, cohesive visual message.

4. Social media engagement can depend on it

In the world of social media, photographs are vital for success. So much so that Tweets with photographs get 150% more retweets than those without. If your business is trying to cultivate an audience on social media, a collection of on-brand, high-quality images can completely change your engagement levels.

5. A lack of photographs can slow down your staff

According to one source, more than 65% of marketers said that a lack of time and staff resources prevents them from producing visual content. However, you already know just how important those visuals can be in growing your business. Alleviate the stress on your staff by providing them with a collection of quality advertising photographs they can use whenever they need. It will free them up to do the work they do best, and make it simpler to promote your business throughout the year.


When was the last time you had new advertising photographs taken? Steel Shutter Photography is based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, and will travel to wherever you do business. With more than 44,000 photographs published to date, you know that you’ll get the exceptional images your brand deserves. Use the contact button below to begin your inquiry.

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