Behind the Scenes with a DFW Advertising Photographer

Ever wondered what an advertising photoshoot looks like behind the scenes? During Jeremy’s recent photoshoot for the Van Cliburn Piano Competition, we captured some behind the scenes moments to let you in on the action. We’ve taken you behind the scenes with some of our famous four-legged subjects before, now we’re showing you what a Steel Shutter photoshoot looks like with more… traditional subjects.

This was one of the more exciting projects Steel Shutter had the opportunity to work on this summer. The Van Cliburn Piano Competition is an iconic cultural event in Fort Worth, and one that draws international attention. The goal for this photoshoot was to document the finalists in this prestigious competition. The creative direction for the shoot was left entirely up to Steel Shutter Photography. If you aren’t working with an art director, Jeremy and his team can art direct your entire shoot. Months of location scouting and preparation went into planning the weekend of actual shooting (you can see more of the photographs from the photoshoot here).

For this particular photoshoot, the portraits were captured over two 12-15 hour days. Getting the finalists in front of the camera was the exciting culmination of all of Jeremy’s meticulous prep work.

When photographing the Van Cliburn finalists, Jeremy selected a number of Fort Worth locations. It was important to incorporate downtown Fort Worth’s architectural features into these portraits, and Sundance Square in particular. Therefore, the setup had to be agile and easily transported from location to location. Jeremy’s team had all hands on deck to make the transitions as seamless as possible.

With more than 44,000 images published worldwide, Jeremy has had extensive experience getting great images in challenging situations. Whether you have a multi-location photoshoot or require art direction to bring your vision to life, Steel Shutter Photography will work with you to create the advertising photographs your organization deserves.

If you’d like to book Jeremy for your next advertising photoshoot, simply click on the contact button below. He will be in touch shortly to discuss your project.

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