Seeing Things From a Photojournalist’s Perspective

Every photographer has a unique perspective. It’s something that shows in the many choices that go into each image. Here at Steel Shutter Photography, Jeremy brings a photojournalist’s perspective to his shoots. With a degree in photojournalism from UNT, Jeremy has a passion for capturing the moments that tell your organization’s story.

“My vision as a photojournalist is to show the reader what they cannot see for themselves.  I like to photograph cultures of hardworking men and women.” -Jeremy Enlow

Every photoshoot is different, and a background in photojournalism helps Jeremy adapt quickly. There are many different kinds of photography projects than can benefit from this perspective. From advertising shoots to showcase your newest products and facilities, to long form photo essays that tell a rich narrative, you have a unique story to tell.

1. Behind the scenes photos

If you want to document the behind the scenes aspects of your business, choosing an advertising photographer with a photojournalism background can add depth and character to your images. In a time where your audience is constantly saturated with images, behind the scenes photos bring authenticity to your marketing materials.

2. Photo essays

Photo essays can be an original and interesting way to tell your story. In the gallery below, you can see excerpts from one of Jeremy’s photo essays for CareFlite. During the 12 hour ride along, he documented the real time work of CareFlite medics. The story unfolds, showing the inside of the helicopter, as well as aerial shots of a collision between a car and livestock. This type of project goes behind simple behind the scenes photos, telling an entire narrative through images. You can see another one of Jeremy’s notable photo essays, So Long, Shotwell Stadium, here.

3. Live events

When your business or organization hosts an important event, document the occasion. Your events are an opportunity to showcase your products in action, and display how customers and stakeholders interact with your business. High quality images of your events can be valuable marketing collateral for your upcoming campaigns. Steel Shutter Photography will make sure the most valuable parts of your event are seen in your images. With the ability to art direct any photo shoot, Jeremy has an eye for the details that turn good photographs into great ones.

As you’re planning your upcoming advertising campaigns, consider how your photographer’s unique perspective can set your images apart. You’ve worked hard to build a strong brand and clear message; it’s important to make sure that your advertising photographs support your vision. If you’d like to begin an inquiry with Steel Shutter Photography, click the contact button below.

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