A View of Thistle Hill

Steel Shutter Photography is proud to be based in Fort Worth, Texas. Jeremy Enlow’s photography has captured many of the important landmarks in this area. On a recent photoshoot for Cook Children’s Hospital, he was able to photograph a unique view of Thistle Hill.

Historic Thistle Hill in Fort Worth, Texas photographed by Jeremy Enlow

Thistle Hill is one of the most important landmarks to survive the Cattle Baron era, according to the city of Fort Worth. The property was built for Electra Waggoner by her father, rancher W.T. Waggoner. Jeremy is especially fond of the estate, as his inaugural coffee table book Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch documents the working cowboys on the W.T. Waggoner Ranch.

Rumor has it that W.T. Waggoner built the house in 1903 to keep Electra from moving too far away after her first marriage. She lived in the home with her first husband, Albert Wharton, for the duration of their nineteen year marriage. Since that time, it has been held by various organizations and historical societies. It is now available for rent for weddings and receptions.

In this photograph, Jeremy managed to capture the mansion, grounds, glimpses of Near Southside, and the downtown Fort Worth skyline. The juxtaposition of so many time periods, architectural styles, and neighborhoods makes it a fascinating image. Most photographs of the home are taken straight on, which obscures the since of place. Here, you can see exactly where the house is in relation to the rest of Fort Worth.

If you’re interested in Texas photography, visit Jeremy’s fine art photography website. There you can find a selection of fine art prints from the Waggoner Ranch, around Texas, and from around the world. Each print is customized for the collector. You can choose from a range of sizes, materials, and framing options to get the print that is right for you.

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