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Steel Shutter Photography specializes in healthcare photography. Jeremy Enlow, the photographer behind Steel Shutter, has had more than 36,000 of his images published worldwide. He understands the complex needs of healthcare organizations and can make your shoot a simple, productive experience. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Jeremy also serves Dallas, Austin, and many surrounding communities. From private practices to large hospital networks, he is skilled at telling your organization’s story in an authentic and professional manner. The result is compelling photographs that connect your providers with patients.




Connecting Patients and Providers

Your photographs tell your story to potential patients and partners. While word of mouth still plays a prevalent role in medical referrals, a provider’s’ digital presence is a critical touchstone.

“Yesterday’s customer is not tomorrow’s customer. Suddenly, healthcare marketers are expected to deeply understand consumer preferences, create relevant products that meet a changing target’s needs, and produce marketing programs that connect consumer insight to firm performance.”  -Kimberly Whitler & John Greenfield via Forbes

It’s essential that your marketing visuals, both print and digital, reflect the values of your organization and resonate with patients. Jeremy’s experience allows him to take photos of doctors, nurses, patients, equipment, facilities, and staff that are visually compelling and relevant.

While photographing patients, compassion, respect, and experience are invaluable. Jeremy always works hard to ensure that his subjects are comfortable.

“He’s as nice as the day is long. He’s a class act. He’s so respectful of his subjects. I like seeing that.” -John Davidson, Director of Photography Dallas Morning News, 1984-2002

Dallas healthcare providers serve an expanding population; you can prepare to connect with potential patients and partners by ensuring your marketing visuals reflect your current brand and feel relevant.


Digital Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

At a loss for how to use your new photographs to connect with patients? Here’s a list of helpful resources for digital marketers in the healthcare field.


  1. What’s working. This list of successful healthcare marketing campaigns that leveraged the power of social media can inspire your next marketing initiative. Read more:http://bit.ly/2ciwB0X

  1. Data & trends to watch. DMN3’s research on healthcare marketing trends provides powerful data – like the fact that 77% of patients use search engines before booking an appointment. Use the statistics and trends in this article to make sure you’re talking to the right people on the right channels. Read more:http://bit.ly/2ccvz7a

  1. Get basic. Nicole Denton boils down the basics of healthcare digital marketing into 3 foundational must-haves. If you’re not sure where to start, it’s a good idea to make sure you have these bases covered.  Read more:http://bit.ly/2c6Dlfu

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