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Whether your brand creates beautiful interiors or tells stories about them, Steel Shutter Photography is here to help. With extensive editorial experience, Steel Shutter frequently captures some of DFW’s most stunning interiors for the pages of magazines. Hiring a professional advertising photographer to photograph your work will leave you with quality, branded images that you can use for a variety of marketing and editorial purposes.

It’s a great time for visual media. With Pinterest users pinning 3,472 images every minute and the growing connection between visual content and audience engagement, producing strong visual content is imperative for your brand. This is especially true in lifestyle industries where curated, beautiful images are expected by audiences increasingly exposed to huge amounts of content. When you fill your audience’s feed with branded, beautiful images, you put social media to work for you. Almost half of internet users report sharing visual content they found online, an incredible statistic that shows how a single image can be used to attract new customers and build brand loyalty.

In the gallery below, you can see how the lighting, composition, and color of each shot creates a unique mood and feel. Given how many images are shared online every day, it’s important to be consistent in your visual branding. Collaborating with your photographer to establish your brand’s unique look and feel will help your images stand out in a crowded online space. Instead of being overwhelmed by the volume of content available on the internet, focus on how you can make your images stand out and accomplish your goals.


  • Curate
    While you may have dozens of images you’d love to share, it’s important to ruthlessly curate your selections. Make sure each image evokes your brand’s particular look and feel. Doing so will increase brand recognition and keep your content from getting lost in the crowded digital space.
  • Engage
    The job isn’t over after you’ve curated and shared your images. Be sure to engage with your audience on social media platforms. Every shared image can provide a valuable customer touchpoint, so it’s important to show up and engage in the conversation.
  • Be Consistent
    Put a high priority on visual and posting consistency so that your audience knows what to expect. Once they’re acquainted with your style, they’ll be checking back for more. Meet their expectations by posting new content regularly. You can see some of our favorite tools for managing your digital marketing plan here.


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