Why You Need Behind the Scenes Photos

au·then·tic: of undisputed origin; genuine


Behind the scenes photographs can be a compelling part of your marketing strategy. With consumers increasingly valuing authenticity in marketing, behind the scenes photographs are becoming valuable marketing assets. Giving your customers a glimpse of the backstage workings of your business builds trust and lends an air of transparency.

Behind the scenes photos can help you connect with your audience.

Steel Shutter Photography will work with you to capture the unique style of your business. Whether your business takes place behind conference room doors or in the fields of Texas, Steel Shutter will deliver images that communicate your business’ character and processes.

Drive sales with authentic behind the scenes photographs of your business

Building Authenticity With Behind the Scenes Photos

As you build a marketing strategy focused on authenticity, documenting the behind the scenes aspects of your business will be increasingly relevant. The four articles below give valuable insight into how you can use behind the scenes photos to build customer relationships and drive sales.



  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Shoot Behind the Scenes of Your Business via Kodak
    From the blog of film icon Kodak, this post gets to the heart of why you need a behind the scenes photoshoot. Big takeaway? The less photogenic you think your business is (insurance sales, etc.) the more behind the scenes photos can help. A professional photoshoot gives you the opportunity to create a visual narrative of your client interactions and humanize your business.
  • Truth Will Out – Why Authenticity is the Key to Growing Your Business via Kissmetrics
    Authenticity is a buzzword lately. Not sure what it really means? This breakdown from Kissmetrics is a helpful guide to what authenticity means and why it matters in your business. In this value-packed post, they share plenty of practical tips for creating a more authentic marketing strategy. It’s a great starting point for deciding what you want your behind the scenes photos to communicate.
  • 12 Images You Should Share on Social Media via VerticalResponse
    See how your behind the scenes photos can fit into a larger social media image strategy with this article from VerticalResponse. They give real examples of how businesses use different image types on their social media platforms to build customer loyalty, express authenticity, and build engagement.
  • Why You Need These 4 Types of Behind-the-Scenes Content via Flight Media
    In a competitive market built on social platforms, strong business-to-customer relationships are more important than ever. Flight Media details four ways behind the scenes content builds your relationship with your customer. Then they dish up four types of behind the scenes content you can share to get your ideas flowing (Feeling inspired? Contact Steel Shutter to start planning your photoshoot!)



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