Why You Need Behind the Scenes Photos

au·then·tic: of undisputed origin; genuine


Behind the scenes photographs can be a compelling part of your marketing strategy. With consumers increasingly valuing authenticity in marketing, behind the scenes photographs are becoming valuable marketing assets. Giving your customers a glimpse of the backstage workings of your business builds trust and lends an air of transparency.

Behind the scenes photos can help you connect with your audience.

Steel Shutter Photography will work with you to capture the unique style of your business. Whether your business takes place behind conference room doors or in the fields of Texas, Steel Shutter will deliver images that communicate your business’ character and processes.

Drive sales with authentic behind the scenes photographs of your business

Building Authenticity With Behind the Scenes Photos

As you build a marketing strategy focused on authenticity, documenting the behind the scenes aspects of your business will be increasingly relevant. The four articles below give valuable insight into how you can use behind the scenes photos to build customer relationships and drive sales.



  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Shoot Behind the Scenes of Your Business via Kodak
    From the blog of film icon Kodak, this post gets to the heart of why you need a behind the scenes photoshoot. Big takeaway? The less photogenic you think your business is (insurance sales, etc.) the more behind the scenes photos can help. A professional photoshoot gives you the opportunity to create a visual narrative of your client interactions and humanize your business.
  • Truth Will Out – Why Authenticity is the Key to Growing Your Business via Kissmetrics
    Authenticity is a buzzword lately. Not sure what it really means? This breakdown from Kissmetrics is a helpful guide to what authenticity means and why it matters in your business. In this value-packed post, they share plenty of practical tips for creating a more authentic marketing strategy. It’s a great starting point for deciding what you want your behind the scenes photos to communicate.
  • 12 Images You Should Share on Social Media via VerticalResponse
    See how your behind the scenes photos can fit into a larger social media image strategy with this article from VerticalResponse. They give real examples of how businesses use different image types on their social media platforms to build customer loyalty, express authenticity, and build engagement.
  • Why You Need These 4 Types of Behind-the-Scenes Content via Flight Media
    In a competitive market built on social platforms, strong business-to-customer relationships are more important than ever. Flight Media details four ways behind the scenes content builds your relationship with your customer. Then they dish up four types of behind the scenes content you can share to get your ideas flowing (Feeling inspired? Contact Steel Shutter to start planning your photoshoot!)



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White Sands of New Mexico

In December of last year, snow fell in the Sahara for the first time since 1979. It was incredible to see the orange sand dunes swirled with white snow. Desert snow storms are rare, but not unheard of. According to the Smithsonian, Death Valley in California (which holds the record for hottest recorded temperature in the world) has seen snow on several occasions.
The American Southwest has its own remarkable set of dunes that don’t need snow to glisten white. The gypsum sands at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico are a stunning shade of white year round. After seeing the photographs of the Sahara, Jeremy’s photographs of the Tularosa Basin near Cloudcroft, New Mexico came to mind. As an advertising photographer based in Dallas / Fort Worth, Jeremy is always ready to pick up his camera and travel to your destination. Family vacation took Jeremy to Cloudcroft, where he was able to capture the sculptural images of white dunes seen below.

The White Sands of New Mexico

Traveling High into America’s West

While Cloudcroft has an arid climate, it also sits at one of the highest elevations in the United States.  This keeps the temperature down, making summers surprisingly cool for the region (average highs are in the low 70s).  A small mountain town established more than 100 years ago, it’s now a travel destination for New Mexico and Texas residents looking to escape the summer heat.
You can get a feel for what Cloudcroft is like throughout the year by viewing the city’s three live webcam feeds. Positioned throughout the elevated town, they give visitors and residents a glimpse of current weather conditions on a real-time basis. Last year, the winter temperatures dropped to a low of 9°, a chilly change of pace for the many Texas natives who visit each year.


Cloudcroft on Display

During his holiday Pop Up Gallery, Jeremy displayed images of Cloudcroft printed on aluminum, including the one below. The vividness of the images made them a conversation starter throughout the event. While only 525 miles from Fort Worth, it seems like an entirely different world.  

Jeremy Enlow will travel to you to capture the perfect photographs for your advertising project

You can see more photos of Cloudcroft, including those that were on display at the pop up gallery, by following Jeremy on Instagram.

Interested in Jeremy’s limited edition fine art prints? Contact him here for more information.

Wherever your photoshoot takes place, Jeremy is experienced at capturing the local feel and the unique personality of his subjects. From action packed images to scenic landscapes, Steel Shutter can produce the quality advertising and editorial photographs you need.

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Custom Artwork at JeremyEnlow.com

The right custom artwork in your hotel can transform the feel of your space and create a cohesive brand identity across properties. At JeremyEnlow.com, Steel Shutter photographer Jeremy Enlow showcases his collection of fine art prints available for purchase.  The design of your hotel interiors tells your brand’s story. To help you get the look just right, Jeremy will work with you to create custom artwork.

Jeremy Enlow Fine Art Photography creates custom pieces for your interior design project or hotel

A select collection of signed and numbered fine art prints from Jeremy’s award winning book, Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch, as well as other images are available for purchase. Every Jeremy Enlow print is customized for the collector. Prints are available on aluminum, fine art paper, canvas, and wood. The process of designing each print is a collaborative process between Jeremy and you. Considering the needs of your space, Jeremy will work with you to select the appropriate size, material, and finish. The result is custom art for your hotel that will delight your guests.

Jeremy Enlow Fine Art Photography creates commissioned pieces perfectly customized to your space

Whether you want photographs of your hotel’s neighborhood or a faraway destination, Jeremy will work on assignment to get the images you want. You can see galleries of some of his fine art prints here. Jeremy Enlow’s prints have been displayed at pop up galleries in Fort Worth, PDNB Gallery in Dallas, and more.  More than 36,000 images of Jeremy’s images have been published worldwide. His clients include magazines, universities, advertising agencies, corporations, and small businesses.

Commission your fine art photography for your hotel today

Each of Jeremy’s fine art prints are the unique result of collaboration between artist and collector. His attention to detail and the wide range of custom options available ensures that your fine art print will be the perfect investment for your space. From vivid, glossy aluminum prints to matte wood options, Jeremy Enlow’s fine art prints are tailored to suit your hotel’s design guidelines. Limited edition pieces and commissioned assignments give exclusivity to your project.


Ready to get custom art for your hotel or design project? Contact Jeremy using the button below to begin your free inquiry.

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Highlights from the #EnlowGallery

From November 25 – December 24 the Jeremy Enlow Fine Art Photography Pop Up Gallery was open in the heart of Sundance Square. Featuring more than 70 fine art prints on aluminum, canvas, paper, and wood, the gallery was a unique shopping destination this holiday season! We had a great time bringing this pop up art shop into downtown Fort Worth and enjoyed meeting visitors from around the world. During the course of the gallery, we had visitors from six continents, numerous states and countries, and the pleasure of meeting many Fort Worth locals.

Sundance Square was the location of the second Jeremy Enlow Pop Up Gallery

Good to be back

Earlier this year, Jeremy had a small pop up gallery in this space for Main Street Arts Festival. It proved to be a great success. This winter, the gallery expanded to 4,200 square feet and three artists. Jeremy brought back some favorite elements of the first pop up, though — like the kids’ art station and plenty of water for Fort Worth’s four-legged residents.


The holiday #EnlowGallery offered a great place to sit down, hang out, and talk about art with family and friends. Amidst the hustle of the holiday season, it was amazing to see so many people stop and linger to discuss the collections on display. Jeremy’s collections included “Waggoner Ranch,” “via,” and “Cuba 2016.” Special exhibits by Scott Walker and Jason Jones were also on display.

Navy football team members stopped by before the Armed Forces Bowl

People of all walks of life gathered in the gallery, giving it a great community atmosphere. The Navy football team even dropped in while in town for the Armed Forces Bowl. It was fascinating to see how many international visitors Fort Worth gets. It’s a popular city!


Three Texas Artists

This year, Jeremy invited local photographers Scott Walker (left) and Jason Jones (right) to join the gallery. Their collections were on display throughout the gallery. Scott’s exhibit included photos of Iraq, pieces from his “Endangered” series featuring Texas ranches, and images of Fort Worth architecture. Jason’s photographs, printed on paper and aluminum, included landscapes across the United States, from Texas to New England.

Jason Jones, J Scott Walker, and Jeremy Enlow at the Sundance Square pop up gallery

It was a great accomplishment to bring all of this work into Fort Worth for the public to enjoy, and it was an honor to work with these artists to pull it off.

Weekends at the gallery featured special events, including live music performances by Jeremy’s kids. Reata also catered several Artist Receptions, which were incredibly popular (who can pass up Reata tamales?). These events gave people the chance to gather with friends, hear about the collections from the artists, and get signed copies of Jeremy’s book Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch.

The gallery closed on Christmas Eve, and Jeremy’s on to planning his next project. We’d like to thank Sundance Square for making this gallery possible, all of the visitors who came in, and everyone who worked so hard to make this event fun throughout the month. It was a great time, and the perfect way to end 2016!

Follow Jeremy on Instagram @jeremyenlow to find out about future events and projects.

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Photographing Alice Walton

4 years ago, Jeremy Enlow had the opportunity to photograph Alice Walton for the January 2013 cover story of 360 West Magazine. The 8 page story features Jeremy’s photographs of Alice, her beloved horses, and her Texas ranch. At the time, Walton was the wealthiest Texan and she remains the wealthiest woman in the United States. Shooting on location at her Rocking W Ranch in Millsap, Texas, (which is currently up for sale for $16.5 million) Jeremy captured the beautiful landscape of the ranch and Walton’s down to earth style.

The Rocking W in Millsap, Texas is currently listed for sale by Williams Trew

The Rocking W in Millsap, Texas is currently for sale


A Day with Alice

“She doesn’t have a driver. She doesn’t have security – Alice does everything herself,” Jeremy said when discussing the shoot. “On Friday evenings, she takes her staff – her horse trainers – takes them down to the gas station where they eat catfish. How cool is that? She’s just a very hands on type of person. She’s very down to earth.” Ms. Walton is also a philanthropic powerhouse in the community, quietly giving to many programs.

“I thought we’d have a couple of minutes and we were there a couple of hours,” says Jeremy. “It was delightful! I enjoyed visiting with her.” During the shoot, Jeremy got the chance to see Walton’s close involvement with her horse operations. One of the horse trainers couldn’t find a rope and she said, “You better find it, that’s a $500 rope!” She may be the wealthiest woman in the United States, but she knows every piece of tack and equipment around her ranch.

360 West cover photo from January 2013

Jeremy Enlow photographed Alice Walton for 360 West Magazine

Sam Walton in Granbury

Jeremy’s dad and editor of the Hood County News, Roger Enlow, was at the 1981 opening of the first Walmart in Granbury. He told Jeremy about Sam Walton’s visit to the store for the event. Sam was inside a few hours early when he noticed a line of people outside. He asked the manager, “Why are the doors shut?” “The grand opening is scheduled for 10,” replied the manager. “There are people outside ready to spend money. You open those doors right now!” When Jeremy told Alice this story she promptly replied, “That’s my daddy!”

Alice Walton's Rocking W Ranch in Millsap, TX

A few of the residents of the Rocking W


Looking for a photographer for your next editorial project? Contact Steel Shutter using the button below to begin your free inquiry.

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4 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” -Joel A. Barker


Happy Holidays! Amidst the holiday rush, marketers and brands are making their final marketing decisions for 2016 and preparing for 2017. Steel Shutter is here to help you create the visually stunning campaigns and content your brand needs to stand out. Whether you’re located in Fort Worth or San Francisco, Steel Shutter can help bring your 2017 vision to life.


To help you start 2017 with your best foot forward, here’s a list of 4 marketing mistakes to avoid in 2017.

Steel Shutter Photography provides beautiful advertising and media photography solutions

Mistake #1: Not repurposing successful content

You’ve worked hard creating content for your brand. Don’t let a top performer go to waste by only using it once. Repurpose content across platforms to reach different segments of your audience. For star performers, repackage the information in a new format to maximize its use. For example, you could create a slideshare presentation from a popular blog post, design an infographic from the information in a webinar, or turn old content into a downloadable guide.  


Further Reading: 3 Content Marking Ideas to End the Year with a Bang via RepCap

> “If a piece of content was successful throughout the year, take the core info in it and create a new asset in a new format.”


Mistake #2: Not experimenting with new platforms
With the ever changing digital landscape, it’s easy to want to stay with what you know. Devote a portion of your budget and energy to experimenting with new platforms, though, so you don’t get left behind as things change. Right now, Instagram and Snapchat are experiencing immense growth, so it’s time to dust off the photos and get to work.

Further reading: 95 Creative Content Marketing Ideas (With Details, Examples, and Links) via supersimpl
> Use supersimpl’s  step-by-step video to create Instagram stories from your Snapchats (then congratulate yourself on working smarter, not harder!).

Mistake #3: Not providing customer support via social media
Have you ever had a problem with a company and jumped on Twitter? So have plenty of your customers. However, according to some sources only 20% of brands provide social media customer support. Don’t miss out on a critical opportunity to delight and problem solve for your customers. Strong customer support pays off, too – 9 out of 10 consumers would pay 17% more for superior customer service.

Further Reading: Actionable Social Media Trends and Stats to Help Guide Your Marketing in 2017 via Buffer
> Buffer found that only 1 in 5 brands are using social media for customer support. Show up for your customers on social and stand out from the crowd.

Mistake #4: Not putting enough emphasis on promoting your content

Content creation is incredibly important, but it doesn’t do you any good if you don’t promote what you create. Instead of focusing primarily on creating new content, switch your focus to promoting what you have. Strategic promotion and repurposing can make every piece of content do a lot of work for you.


Further Reading: The Biggest Content Marketing Trends in 2017 via Content Marketing Institute
> “Five years ago, enterprises were spending 80% on content creation and 20% on content promotion. I believe this ratio has switched, with successful enterprises creating differentiated content and putting some advertising and promotion muscle behind it.”

As you plan your 2017 marketing strategy, contact Steel Shutter to get the photographs your campaigns and content need. Begin your free inquiry using the button below.

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Steel Shutter Behind the Scenes

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” – Jonathan Swift

Ever wondered what a Steel Shutter photoshoot looks like behind the scenes? During a recent shoot in the Fort Worth Stockyards with The Herd, we captured everything that goes into capturing the perfect image. Check out the amazing time lapse video at the end of the post!

Jeremy Enlow photographed the Fort Worth Stockyards' longhorns

Steel Shutter photography captures the moments that matter for you and your clients. For this shoot, the longhorns from The Herd in Fort Worth posed for crisp new portraits. The modern images capture the spirit of the Fort Worth stockyards in a fresh way. Jeremy Enlow loves to photograph Fort Worth, and his work has been featured in 360 West and Fort Worth, Texas magazines.


Related post: See Jeremy’s photographs of Texas in Black and White here.

Location, Location, Location

To capture the longhorns’ portraits, Jeremy constructed an 18 foot sweep (seamless background) right in the Herd’s barn. Photographing the longhorns in their home put the subjects at ease and added an authentic dimension to the images – important considerations in any photoshoot. Local celebrities, the longhorns posed for the camera with ease.

Getting the longhorns' poses just right for the editorial shoot

The crisp white background allows the longhorns to take center stage, without any distraction from the textured brick walls of the barn. The organic movement and texture of the barn’s sand floor adds context and visual dimension to the shots.

Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter photography specializes in taking photographs in locations with unique demands, including hospitals, on-location shoots across the country (or globe!), and sports events. With more than 36,000 images published worldwide, Jeremy brings experience and skill to your photoshoot.

Getting the Perfect Shot

Photography, like any art, requires a great deal of experimentation and creative vision. Jeremy got on the ground to capture the longhorns’ best angles. The four-legged subjects weren’t too thrilled to have someone laying down with a camera in front of them, so their handler stayed nearby to keep them calm. In the end, the angle was just right and well worth the extra effort.  

Jeremy gets on ground level to grab the perfect shot

Jeremy gets on ground level to grab the perfect shot

Pulling off great shots like these is rarely easy or neat work, but it’s always worth it. Trying out new ideas and ways of capturing images is central to Steel Shutter photoshoots. Follow Jeremy on Instagram @JeremyEnlow for more behind the scenes shots. There, you can see the unique perspectives and techniques he employs in his work.

These longhorns’ portraits turned out so well, aluminum prints from the shoot have been on display at Jeremy’s pop up gallery in Fort Worth. 

Jeremy wears his snake boots to the Stockyards photo shoot

Putting it All Together

You can see how the shoot came together from start to finish in this timelapse video. From constructing the 18 foot sweep to each longhorn’s closeup, we’re showing you it all.

Ready for your Steel Shutter photoshoot? Contact Jeremy using the button below to begin your free inquiry!

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Jeremy Enlow Fine Art Photography Pop Up Gallery

The Jeremy Enlow Fine Art Photography Pop Up Gallery is back in Fort Worth for the holidays! Open daily from November 25th – December 24th, the gallery features 78 prints on display in 4,200 sf. It is located at the corner of 3rd and Houston Street in Sundance Square, right in the heart of downtown Fort Worth. Support local art this holiday season and delight the art lovers on your Christmas list.

 Come to Sundance Square to get your signed copy of Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch

Collections on Display


  • Waggoner Ranch | Prints from the book Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch, documenting the lives of 26 working cowboys on the largest ranch under one fence in the United States.


  • Via | A collection of images documenting roads and bridges across the United States, including a 3 panel aluminum print of the Golden Gate Bridge, the south rim of the Grand Canyon, San Antonio, and more.

  • Cuba 2016 | Taken during Jeremy’s May 2016 trip to Cuba, this collection shows the Cuban people without a government filter. Images of rural farming life and people traveling along the island’s major highway are a central part of the collection.



Returning to Fort Worth

This is the second time the Jeremy Enlow Fine Art Photography Pop Up Gallery has come to Sundance Square. It made it its debut earlier this year at the Main Street Arts Festival. This time, the gallery boasts both expanded space and collections. Drop in to see Jeremy’s photographs, get your copy of Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch signed, and relax in our comfortable seating area. Kids of all ages are welcome to get creative at our art table, and the gallery is pet friendly.The gallery made its debut at the Main Street Arts Festival

Plan Your Visit

See the Sundance Square Christmas tree, grab your favorite holiday drink, then come on over to take in this event while it’s here! Visit the Pop Up Gallery’s Facebook event page for updates on when Jeremy will be in the gallery and other special events. A full selection of customization options are available, allowing you to purchase prints in the size, framing options, and finishes that are perfect for your space. All of the prints available for purchase are limited editions.

Regular gallery hours are

Monday – Thursday | 11 am – 7 pm
Friday – Saturday | 11 am – 9 pm
Sunday | 12 pm – 6 pm

The Jeremy Enlow Fine Art Photography Pop Up Gallery is a kid and pet friendly space. Bring your whole family to enjoy local art in the heart of downtown!

Special events this week only:

Late Night with the Artist | Thursday December 8th
Jeremy Enlow will be at the gallery and signing books until 9 pm.

Artist Reception & Catering by Reata | Saturday December 10th

Are you in Fort Worth? Share this post with your friends!

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DFW Interiors Photography

Whether your brand creates beautiful interiors or tells stories about them, Steel Shutter Photography is here to help. With extensive editorial experience, Steel Shutter frequently captures some of DFW’s most stunning interiors for the pages of magazines. Hiring a professional advertising photographer to photograph your work will leave you with quality, branded images that you can use for a variety of marketing and editorial purposes.

It’s a great time for visual media. With Pinterest users pinning 3,472 images every minute and the growing connection between visual content and audience engagement, producing strong visual content is imperative for your brand. This is especially true in lifestyle industries where curated, beautiful images are expected by audiences increasingly exposed to huge amounts of content. When you fill your audience’s feed with branded, beautiful images, you put social media to work for you. Almost half of internet users report sharing visual content they found online, an incredible statistic that shows how a single image can be used to attract new customers and build brand loyalty.

In the gallery below, you can see how the lighting, composition, and color of each shot creates a unique mood and feel. Given how many images are shared online every day, it’s important to be consistent in your visual branding. Collaborating with your photographer to establish your brand’s unique look and feel will help your images stand out in a crowded online space. Instead of being overwhelmed by the volume of content available on the internet, focus on how you can make your images stand out and accomplish your goals.


  • Curate
    While you may have dozens of images you’d love to share, it’s important to ruthlessly curate your selections. Make sure each image evokes your brand’s particular look and feel. Doing so will increase brand recognition and keep your content from getting lost in the crowded digital space.
  • Engage
    The job isn’t over after you’ve curated and shared your images. Be sure to engage with your audience on social media platforms. Every shared image can provide a valuable customer touchpoint, so it’s important to show up and engage in the conversation.
  • Be Consistent
    Put a high priority on visual and posting consistency so that your audience knows what to expect. Once they’re acquainted with your style, they’ll be checking back for more. Meet their expectations by posting new content regularly. You can see some of our favorite tools for managing your digital marketing plan here.


Are you ready to have your latest project photographed? Contact Steel Shutter using the button below!

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6 Resources to Reach Your 2017 Marketing Goals

2017 is fast approaching, and if you’re like most of us, that means it’s time to reevaluate your marketing goals. By now, your holiday campaigns are in full swing and it’s time to think ahead to the new year. Below is a list of some great resources that can help you achieve your 2017 goals. First, get inspired with content from some of the best marketing blogs. Then, plan your next photo shoot, schedule your social media content, and analyze key metrics with helpful tools and apps that make the job simple.



  1. Airtable
    Whether you need to plan a meeting, put together an editorial calendar, or create a gallery of marketing images for your team to work with, Airtable can help. A flexible cloud-based database, Airtable lets you collaborate with your team in whatever way makes sense for you. Calendar views help with project management and content scheduling, while gallery views are great for sorting visual content (a photographer’s dream!).
    Pro tip: if you use Zapier, check out the Airtable integrations available to automate many routine tasks.
  2. Buffer
    Buffer is a leading social media scheduling tool, and for good reason. The simple interface, valuable metrics, and ease of use go a long way towards making social media marketing simple and effective. Choose between adding content to a queue or scheduling it for a specific time in the future. Even better, Buffer can optimize your posting times to match your audience’s highest engagement.
    Pro tip: Look for the blue star on past posts to identify top performers. Then add them to your queue again (“re-Buffer”) to maximize reach and results.

  3. Bit.ly
    While link shortening tool Bit.ly may seem basic, don’t be fooled into thinking this simple tool is unimportant. Not only does link shortening make social media marketing campaigns more attractive (nobody wants to see a multi-line URL in their feed), it also plays a crucial role in tracking metrics. Use Bit.ly to see which links get the most clicks and which platforms generate the most referrals. Over time, you’ll accumulate a wealth of valuable data to help you plan your digital marketing campaigns.
    Pro tip: Customize your shortened links to make them more easily recognizable and on-brand.


Photo by Jeremy Enlow www.steelshutter.com

Start your new marketing plan off with some out of the box thinking.
Photo by Jeremy Enlow | www.steelshutter.com




  • Buffer Open
    The blog from social media scheduling service Buffer, Buffer Open is full of insight into marketing, productivity, and work culture best practices. Sharing the company’s own experiments as well as analysis of data from thousands of Buffer users, this blog will help you dive deep into your content marketing strategy and consider new ways of working.
  • Seth Godin
    When you need inspiration, strategy, and a new way of looking at things, hop on over to Seth Godin’s blog. We love Godin’s short, thought-provoking posts and incredible marketing acumen. If you want more after reading the blog, pick up one of his (17!) books.


Feeling ready for 2017? It’s time to contact Steel Shutter to schedule your advertising photo shoots. Begin your free inquiry using the button below.

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