Upcoming Photography Events in North Texas

This spring, Jeremy Enlow has packed the calendar with photography events in North Texas. From galleries to book signings, there is something for everyone! In March, Jeremy kicked off the season with a VIP Cuba gallery event at Elaine Turner, showcasing images from his 2016 trip to Havana. He ended the month by attending Cowboy True in Wichita Falls, where he took home photography awards for the second year in a row.

Don’t miss your chance to see great art and meet Jeremy in person! Add these upcoming events to your calendar.Jeremy Enlow Fine Art Photography is hosting a number of Photography Events in North Texas this spring

Main Street Arts Festival

 April 20-23 |Open 10 a.m. daily | 400 Houston St., Fort Worth

Come out to Main Street Arts Festival in downtown Fort Worth for an exciting selection of art, food, music, and events. Ranked as one of the top 3 juried art festivals in the country, Main Street Arts Festival is free to attend. There will be free musical performances by Bettye LaVette, Dave Alexander, Doyle Bramhall II, and more — plus a show by the Acrobats of Cirque-tacular!

The Jeremy Enlow Fine Art Photography Gallery will be opening at the corner of 3rd and Houston Street throughout the event. An exciting selection of fine art prints will be on display. The gallery will also be hosting kids’ art activities, special events, and book signings of  Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch. At 4,000sf of air conditioned space with plenty of room to relax, we offer a great place to get out of the crowds and enjoy local art. You won’t want to miss this exceptional event! 

Pro tip: Bike valets will be available for those looking to beat traffic and skip the hassle of parking! More info on the Main Street Arts Festival Bike Valet here.

Full event details available here.


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Dallas Advertising Photography

Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography has traveled around the country photographing Entrematic Fans. Earlier this year, he visited Springfield, Missouri with GDD Interactive to photograph The Outland, a music venue that won an Entrematic fan. The shoot was a combination of event, advertising, and product photography. Photographing the fan at work in a live music venue adds a great dimension of authenticity and visual interest.

Steel Shutter Photography traveled to Missouri with GDD Interactive ad agency to photograph this shoot


A Focus on Your Customers

This photo shoot at The Outland was a great opportunity to document the customers who use Entrematic fans, lending a dimension of social proof to the brand’s advertising photos. Showing prospective customers how your products are being used in real situations is a powerful advertising tool.  Even more exciting? It gets your existing customers interested in the photo shoot and invested in sharing your images. In an age of social media, this can be an incredible asset.
GDD Interact ad agency out of Dallas collaborated with Steel Shutter Photography for this on site photo shoot


For the shoot, Jeremy captured the unique atmosphere of this small music venue. Shots of a bartender’s quick bottle flips and the performing musicians create a strong visual narrative. These photos of the environment and patrons put the Entrematic product in a compelling visual context.


The Outland in Springfield, MO

Leveraging Social Proof

Showing your products in action, particularly in an organic, unstaged photo shoot allows you to leverage social proof in your advertising campaign. Ed Halen defines social proof as “the concept that people will conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior.” In this Entrematic photo shoot, the images show a venue crowded with people enjoying themselves. The visual story shows a comfortable, exciting environment and puts The Outland’s stamp of approval on the Entrematic product. These photos act as a type of visual customer review (user reviews are one of the most influential forms of social proof).
If you’re planning your next advertising campaign and want to learn more about incorporating social proof into your strategy, check out The Ultimate Guide to Social Proof from Buffer.

Contact Jeremy Enlow for usage license for publication.

Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography has published more than 36,000 images worldwide. Earlier this month, he took home Gold in the Still Photography Campaign category at the Fort Worth Addy Awards. Jeremy will work with you to create professional, creative advertising images for your campaign. Contact him today using the button below to begin your free inquiry.


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3 Resources for Styling Your Interiors Photographs

Recently, Steel Shutter Photography had the opportunity to photograph Greggory Brauer’s Museum Place Condo for the newly launched 817 HOME Magazine. Finance professor, art collector, and gourmet cook, Brauer renovated the with an eye for showcasing his stunning art collection. Jeremy’s photographs of the condo capture the bright lighting, vivid colors, and design details of the space. Below, we’ve curated 3 resources to help you style your space for an interiors photo shoot.

3 Resources to Help You Style Your Interiors Photographs via the Steel Shutter Blog


3 Resources to Help You Style Your Interiors Photographs

  1. Photo Styling for Interiors | via David Duncan Livingston
    Photographer David Duncan Livingston shares some of his best tricks and insights to expertly style your space.
    Top tip: Never underestimate the power of living things and oversized artwork.

  2. 10 Styling Tips for Photographing Your Home | via My Domaine
    While this blog post is geared towards new interior designers and homeowners, the inspiring collection of interiors examples is worth a look.
    Top tip: Use “signs of life” (shoes on the floor, pen and paper on the desk, etc.) to tell a visual story.


  1. 15 Tips to Styling, Shooting, and Sharing | via The Jungalow
    This article from the Jungalow is packed with well-styled interiors photographs with a bohemian aesthetic. The first part of the article includes some simple and helpful tips to improve your interiors styling.
    Top tip: Creatively conceal less appealing elements in a room (for example, you can use masking tape to cover an unattractive mirror with a textile wall hanging).
Interiors photography for advertising and editorial purposes by Steel Shutter Photography


Whether your interiors photo shoot is for an advertising campaign or an editorial project, Steel Shutter Photography is experienced at bringing your story to life. Based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, Steel Shutter will travel wherever you have an interior design project to be photographed.


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DFW Restaurant Photographer

Cattlemen’s Steakhouse is a Fort Worth institution. Established in 1947 in the historic Stockyards district, the restaurant serves up an impressive menu of steaks and Texas classics (when was the last time you saw calf fries on the menu?). Dallas / Fort Worth Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography photographed the iconic restaurant for the March 2017 issue of 360 West Magazine. If you’re looking for a DFW restaurant photographer, Steel Shutter Photography has you covered. Contact Steel Shutter here to begin your free inquiry.

Steel Shutter Photography captured Cattlemen's Steakhouse for 360 West Magazine

Telling a Story Through Food

Your restaurant’s story has many pieces – such as its history, location, branding. The most mouthwatering piece of the puzzle, though, is the menu. Your food is what draws people in time after time. How do you get customers to come in for their first bite? With rich photographs of your best dishes. Steel Shutter Photography provides quality DFW food and restaurant photography. This photograph of a Cattlemen’s steak entice the senses with warm lighting and a perfect glimpse of the steak’s juicy sheen. The rolls look warm and buttery, and the entire image comes together to create a palate pleasing composition.

Steel Shutter Photography is a DFW food and restaurant photographer

Since steaks are the main draw at Cattlemen’s, the meat is always center stage. To showcase the quality product that the restaurant prepares, Jeremy captured this shot of the raw steaks on ice. The rich red color of the meat is framed against the glittering white background of ice. While the image is a bit jarring and unexpected, it fits perfectly with Cattlemen’s larger story as an old time purveyor of great Texas steaks.  


DFW restaurant photography by Steel Shutter Photography


DFW Restaurant Photography for Your Establishment

Cattlemen’s steakhouse was opened 70 years ago by Mozelle Roach and her husband. In 1994, Mozelle sold the restaurant to Marti Taylor, a regular patron of the restaurant. For this Fort Worth restaurant photography shoot, Taylor’s portrait is framed by the doorway of the original restaurant building. This shot captures the present brand story of Cattlemen’s while paying homage to its history.

DFW restaurant photography by Steel Shutter Photography


Additional photographs show diners ordering food in the dining room. These are a great way for your restaurant to give customers a preview of what it’s like to enjoy a meal at your establishment.

DFW restaurant and food photographer Steel Shutter Photography

Get the restaurant and food photography your  Dallas / Fort Worth business needs. Contact Steel Shutter Photography today using the button below.


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Dallas Industrial Photographer

“As you’ve noticed, people don’t want to be sold. What people do want is news and information about the things they care about.” -Larry Weber


Industrial businesses need quality photographs to educate, inform, and inspire their customers. Dallas industrial photographer Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography specializes in industrial advertising photographs. Based in North Texas, Jeremy will travel to where your company does its best work.  Whether your business takes place in a factory, warehouse, or oil field, Steel Shutter Photography has the tools and experience to take the advertising images you need.  

HVLS Commercial fans photographed by Dallas Industrial Photographer Jeremy Enlow

Entrematic Fans at Work

On a recent assignment, Jeremy traveled to photograph Entrematic Fans. The shoot showcased Entrematic’s high-velocity, low-speed (HVLS) fans. Makers of industrial and commercial fans, Entrematic creates products that have a wide range of industrial applications. To demonstrate how these fans can be used in real world situations, Jeremy traveled to locations where the fans are used.

Dallas Industrial Photographer Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography travels to where you do business to take industrial photographs


The result is a series of advertising photographs that inform potential customers how Entrematic’s products can be used while connecting with the way they do business. Behind the scenes style photographs create a strong visual narrative that no simple product shot could match. Content marketers can get incredible value from this type of photo shoot. The images can be used for ad campaigns, social media marketing, case studies, informational e-books, and more.


Your existing customers are one of your greatest assets. Leverage their audience and build your company’s trust factor with photographs that showcase how customers are using your product. Industry-specific photographs by an experienced Dallas industrial photographer will help you promote your unique brand and field of work.


Industrial Photographer, Advertising Experience

Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography is a leading North Texas advertising photographer. He has published more than 36,000 images worldwide, including photographing the cover story of this month’s 360 West Magazine. In February, Jeremy won the AAF – Fort Worth’s Gold Addy award in the Still Photography Campaign category. He brings on the ground industrial photography experience and creative advertising vision to your project.


Steel Shutter Photography is a Dallas, Texas based advertising and industrial photography agency


Industrial and advertising photography by Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography

Ready to promote your industrial business with new advertising photographs? Contact Steel Shutter Photography today using the button below. Steel Shutter Photography works with a wide range of businesses and advertising agencies to produce compelling photographs that convert prospects into customers.


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Photographing an Artist’s Striking Lake House

Capturing Art & Architecture

On a recent shoot for 360 West Magazine, Steel Shutter Photography captured the Lake Worth home of North Texas artist Tim Todd. The shoot appears in the March 2017 issue of 360 West Magazine, to which Jeremy Enlow is a regular contributor. Tim Todd began his career in the corporate world before attending the University of Texas at Arlington’s glass program, where he studied kiln-formed glass. A successful artist, Todd has created a number of commissioned pieces for Neiman Marcus. You can read more about his work for Neiman Marcus here.


Fort Worth editorial photography


Todd spends his time on art and community initiatives in Fort Worth. He is a founder of SiNaCa Studios School of Glass and Gallery, which offers beginner and advanced classes. Located in Near Southside Fort Worth on Magnolia, SiNaCa also boasts a gallery that is open to the public 7 days a week.

Mark Nelson renovated the artist’s Lake Worth residence, which graces the cover of this month’s issue of 360 West. Nelson used Todd’s art collection as a guiding principle for the design. Jeremy captured the unique relationship between art and architecture in this photo shoot, with crisp light showcasing the vivid colors of both the home and art collection.

Tim Todd's Lake Worth residence photographed by Jeremy Enlow for 360 West Magazine


SiNaCa studios founder Tim Todd renovated this fishing cabin with designer Mark Nelson

North Texas Editorial Photography

Steel Shutter Photography is available for your editorial photo shoots. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Jeremy travels to where your story is. Whether that’s Dallas, San Francisco, or Tokyo, Steel Shutter Photography will bring your editorial vision to life.

Steel Shutter Photography documented artist Tim Todd's Lake Worth residence for 360 West Magazine Contact Jeremy Enlow for usage license for publication.


An award-winning photographer with more than 36,000 images published worldwide, Jeremy brings experience and creativity to every project. High-quality photographs that capture your story’s vision can be the difference between a forgettable publication and a great one. Contact Steel Shutter today to begin planning your next project.


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Medical Advertising Photography

Medical advertising photography is changing, so it’s important to make sure your photography assets are keeping pace. Healthcare photography, like many other fields, is increasingly trending towards authentic, in the moment images. Consumers place a high premium on authenticity,  and that’s a trend that will only increase as the year goes on. Dallas / Fort Worth Healthcare & Medical Staff Photography by Steel Shutter

To capture high-quality, authentic medical advertising images, it’s important to have a photographer with extensive experience in healthcare photography. Steel Shutter Photography specializes in photographing the healthcare industry, from medical advertising images to healthcare staff photographs. Whether he is documenting the smallest patients at Cook Children’s or medical labs and emergency transport vehicles, Jeremy is experienced at capturing healthcare staff in a professional and authentic manner. The result is medical advertising photographs that tell a compelling story about your organization and build patient trust.

Steel Shutter Photography specializes in healthcare and medical advertising photography


Steel Shutter Photography specializes in healthcare and medical advertising photography


The right medical advertising photographs help you position your organization in a way that demonstrates its unique values and strengths. Your healthcare photography is often the first impression potential patients, staff, and other stakeholders will encounter when researching your organization. Contact Steel Shutter Photography using the button below to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.
Steel Shutter Photography delivers authentic, high-quality photographs of your medical facilities, healthcare staff, and patient interactions. Whether you’re looking for organic, unposed images of your organization in action or updated headshots of your staff, Steel Shutter can help. Begin your free inquiry using the contact button below.  

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Inside the Austin City Limits

In 2015, Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography traveled to Austin, Texas on a fine art photography assignment for interior designer G. Bradley Alford.  The images he captured there are vividly colorful and highlight the bright interplay of city lights and nature. Austin is a unique city and Jeremy’s photographs are a great visual story of the Texas capital. 

This was another one of those dream assignments,” says Enlow.

The client sent Jeremy to capture the bridges and water around Austin.  The photos now hang in the client’s downtown Austin office, adorning the main lobby, hallways, and conference rooms. Jeremy and his photo assistant Scott Walker rented a house in the South Congress area for a few days.  While there, they shot every sunrise and sunset, returning to the South Congress residence during the harsh midday light.

Steel Shutter Photography specializes in custom fine art assignments for interior designers, hotels, and collectors

Steel Shutter Photography is available for your custom fine art assignments. Get the perfect photograph for your interior design project with a photoshoot designed just for you.

Read more: Custom Fine Art Photography by Jeremy Enlow

Scroll through the gallery below to see Jeremy’s photographs of Austin. From rowers on Lake Travis to the fast moving city lights, Jeremy documented the diverse scenes of this Texas city.


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2017 Marketing Tools & Trends Dallas Agencies Should Watch

With the first month of 2017 behind us, there’s already a lot of buzz about upcoming changes in the marketing landscape. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best marketing tools and trends Dallas advertising agencies should watch in 2017. Your new campaigns will be affected by these changes, so get a jumpstart on them now.Dallas agencies should watch these marketing tools & trends in 2017

Social Marketing Tools To Improve your Campaigns

Every year, social media platforms adjust their interfaces. As the user experience changes, so do the specs for your advertising campaigns and content marketing. This year is no different, so we’ve rounded up the links below for quick reference.

Facebook Ad Specs and Image Sizes via Buffer

Buffer is always working hard to keep us up to date on marketing trends. Their 2017 Facebook Ad Specs and Image Sizes Guide is a comprehensive guide that will help you deliver expertly designed materials to your clients over and over. This guide includes specs for every Facebook ad type, including image, carousel, video and canvas ads. Their step-by-step look at Canvas ad specs is especially helpful.


The 2017 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet via MakeAWebsiteHub.com

You’ve spent a lot of time developing a content marketing strategy for your clients. Share that valuable content effectively with this social media image size cheat sheet.  Download the cheat sheet to instantly reference the best image sizes for different post types on 9 social media platforms.

2017 Marketing Tools & Trends Dallas Agencies Should Watch

2017 Marketing Trends to Watch

Although the year is young, there’s already been some exciting innovations in digital marketing. Pinterest and Instagram in particular look poised to take over larger shares of ad budgets as the year goes on. Social is a rapidly changing environment, and the names of the biggest players can change rapidly. In 2017, these are two to watch.

Here’s What Marketers Can Expect From Pinterest in 2017 via Adweek

Pinterest is experiencing incredible growth and is prepared to occupy a larger role in the digital ad space this year. Adweek interviewed president Tim Kendall about Pinterest’s advertising capabilities. He shares insightful stats about Pinterest users’ engagement, buying habits, and how Pinterest ads are growing compared to Facebook ads (Kendall helped build Facebook ads in 2006-2007).


Instagram Debuts Full-Screen Ads In Stories, Reaches 150 Million Daily Users via Forbes

One of the most interesting developments in the digital advertising space this year is the introduction of ads in Instagram Stories. Available to a limited clientele now, and rolling out to a larger audience later this year, these ads are full-screen and immersive. With some sources estimating that video will account for 82% of all content consumed by 2020, developments in video advertising are important to watch. Instagram has also expanded analytics for Stories so that marketers can track what content connects best with their audience.  


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If you’re looking for an advertising and media photographer in Dallas, use the contact button below to begin your free inquiry. Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography has had more than 36,000 images published worldwide and will help you create eye-catching, dynamic campaigns.

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Dallas / Fort Worth Attorney Portraits

Looking to update your attorney portraits? Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography has extensive experience photographing attorneys and will work with you to deliver the perfect images for your firm. Whether you’re looking for portraits, headshots, or photographs of your entire law firm, Steel Shutter can help.


Your professional photographs say a lot about you, and Steel Shutter will make sure that yours convey the right message. As an attorney, you need to make sure that your professional headshots are both authoritative and relatable. Steel Shutter consistently delivers excellent lawyer headshots and dynamic attorney portraits.



Position yourself in a demanding market with compelling photographs that demonstrate your strengths. Steel Shutter will help you pick the perfect location to achieve your vision, whether that’s the courthouse or the boardroom.


Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography will come to wherever you do business. Jeremy is also available for on location shoots around the world. Click the contact button below to begin your free inquiry and determine the best location for your attorney photo shoot.


Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography takes law firm advertising photos


The Right Impression

Your clients choose you because of your excellent track record and personality. Demonstrate that with authoritative, professional photographs that highlight your character. Steel Shutter will work with you to capture the perfect pose and feel to help you connect with your target clients.


Jeremy is an advertising and media photography veteran with more than 36,000 photographs published worldwide. His professionalism and experience will put you at ease and make your entire photo shoot productive, efficient, and tailor made for your law firm.


Law firm advertising photography in DFW


Serving Law Firms of All Sizes

Whether you’re in need of an individual portrait or group photographs of your entire law firm, Steel Shutter can help. When discussing your photography needs, Jeremy will help you plan a photo shoot that makes the most efficient use of your valuable time. You may benefit from combining attorney portrait, headshot, and group law firm photographs into one shoot.


Steel Shutter Photography works with large and small law firms around the Dallas / Fort Worth area to provide them with top quality professional photographs. Click the contact button below to begin your inquiry today.

Steel Shutter Photography specializes in law firm advertising photography and attorney portraits

Contact Steel Shutter

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