A Shoot with Stephen Rivers

If you subscribe to 360 West, you’ve probably seen some of Jeremy’s photographs. A lifestyle magazine that showcases life on the West side of the Metroplex, 360 West is home to some incredible editorial shoots. For the May 2017 issue, Jeremy had the opportunity to photograph designer Stephen Rivers  who recently launched a new line of home furnishings.

Rivers’ designs were partly born out of his desire to fill his new home. Dissatisfied with available offerings, he created what he wanted from scratch. The result is Jovili, a unique line of modern, timeless pieces based right here in Fort Worth, Texas.


This photoshoot is great because it captures the amazing design and cultural innovation taking place in Fort Worth. Bridging Scandinavian influence with the kind of character that is right at home in Fort Worth’s contemporary homes, Rivers has created a powerful collection.

You can see a selection of pieces from the Jovili collection below. Soft natural light really captures the warmth of these furnishings.

Steel Shutter Photography specializes in editorial photography. You can see many of Jeremy’s photographs featured in lifestyle magazines, such as 360 West and 817 Home. In these interiors shoots, Jeremy draws out the underlying narrative in the space, telling a visual story that sparks the audience’s interest.

The lighting and angles in this shoot help convey the unique design of Rivers’ furnishings: seamlessly modern and timeless. Every designer has a unique vision, and that requires a unique setup for each photoshoot.

You can see the way that Jeremy captures the style of different designers in this post on DFW interiors and architectural photography.

Are you a Fort Worth local? Have you visited Jovili? We would love to hear about your favorite pieces. This was a great line to shoot and we enjoy the opportunity to showcase the emerging talent in Fort Worth. Be sure to follow Jeremy on Instagram for more photographs of the area’s best interiors.

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Seeing Things From a Photojournalist’s Perspective

Every photographer has a unique perspective. It’s something that shows in the many choices that go into each image. Here at Steel Shutter Photography, Jeremy brings a photojournalist’s perspective to his shoots. With a degree in photojournalism from UNT, Jeremy has a passion for capturing the moments that tell your organization’s story.

“My vision as a photojournalist is to show the reader what they cannot see for themselves.  I like to photograph cultures of hardworking men and women.” -Jeremy Enlow

Every photoshoot is different, and a background in photojournalism helps Jeremy adapt quickly. There are many different kinds of photography projects than can benefit from this perspective. From advertising shoots to showcase your newest products and facilities, to long form photo essays that tell a rich narrative, you have a unique story to tell.

1. Behind the scenes photos

If you want to document the behind the scenes aspects of your business, choosing an advertising photographer with a photojournalism background can add depth and character to your images. In a time where your audience is constantly saturated with images, behind the scenes photos bring authenticity to your marketing materials.

2. Photo essays

Photo essays can be an original and interesting way to tell your story. In the gallery below, you can see excerpts from one of Jeremy’s photo essays for CareFlite. During the 12 hour ride along, he documented the real time work of CareFlite medics. The story unfolds, showing the inside of the helicopter, as well as aerial shots of a collision between a car and livestock. This type of project goes behind simple behind the scenes photos, telling an entire narrative through images. You can see another one of Jeremy’s notable photo essays, So Long, Shotwell Stadium, here.

3. Live events

When your business or organization hosts an important event, document the occasion. Your events are an opportunity to showcase your products in action, and display how customers and stakeholders interact with your business. High quality images of your events can be valuable marketing collateral for your upcoming campaigns. Steel Shutter Photography will make sure the most valuable parts of your event are seen in your images. With the ability to art direct any photo shoot, Jeremy has an eye for the details that turn good photographs into great ones.

As you’re planning your upcoming advertising campaigns, consider how your photographer’s unique perspective can set your images apart. You’ve worked hard to build a strong brand and clear message; it’s important to make sure that your advertising photographs support your vision. If you’d like to begin an inquiry with Steel Shutter Photography, click the contact button below.

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs New Advertising Photographs

When was the last time your business updated its advertising photography? If it’s been a while, it’s most likely time for a refresh. Brands evolve, customer needs change, and it’s important for your photography assets to stay current. Now, more than ever, how you present yourself visually is vital to your business’ success.

If you’ve been debating getting new photographs taken, here are 5 things your business should consider.

Restaurant owner in orange shirt standing in rustic dining room

1. Photographs change the way people remember your business

Not only is a picture worth 1,000 words, it can be the difference between people remembering the words you right or not. According to one source, customers typically remember only 10% of the words you right. However, if you include a relevant, captivating image, they’re likely to remember 65%. That can be the difference between converting someone into a loyal follower of your business, or losing out to the competition.

2. Other businesses are paying attention to the photographs they use

Increasingly, businesses are investing time and resources into quality images. A recent survey of content marketers found that 78% were using original photographs and illustrations on their marketing channels. That means that your customers are more likely to be accustomed to high quality, original visual materials. If you’re relying on outdated photographs, or outsourced content, you’re risk falling behind.

3. Your audience sizes you up in the blink of an eye… or less

Your chance to make a strong first impression is short. Not just short… it’s almost unmeasurable. As people are confronted with more and more images online, their ability to take everything in decreases. The result? The average person decides what it thinks about your photographs in a mere 50 milliseconds. It’s important to make sure that your business has a strong, cohesive visual message.

4. Social media engagement can depend on it

In the world of social media, photographs are vital for success. So much so that Tweets with photographs get 150% more retweets than those without. If your business is trying to cultivate an audience on social media, a collection of on-brand, high-quality images can completely change your engagement levels.

5. A lack of photographs can slow down your staff

According to one source, more than 65% of marketers said that a lack of time and staff resources prevents them from producing visual content. However, you already know just how important those visuals can be in growing your business. Alleviate the stress on your staff by providing them with a collection of quality advertising photographs they can use whenever they need. It will free them up to do the work they do best, and make it simpler to promote your business throughout the year.


When was the last time you had new advertising photographs taken? Steel Shutter Photography is based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, and will travel to wherever you do business. With more than 44,000 photographs published to date, you know that you’ll get the exceptional images your brand deserves. Use the contact button below to begin your inquiry.

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Photographing the Van Cliburn

In June, Steel Shutter Photography had the honor of photographing the 2017 Van Cliburn Piano Competition. With complete creative control over the shoot, Jeremy set about photographing the finalists. The result is a collection of images that captures the character of the prestigious event, as well as the architectural development that has taken place in Fort Worth.

To get the images, Jeremy and his team spent two 12-15 hour days capturing portraits of the six finalists. While the shooting timeframe itself was compressed, months of meetings, location scouts, and prep work went into designing the shoot.

A gallery from the Cliburn

Get a glimpse of the stunning photographs (as well as some behind the scenes images) Steel Shutter Photography took for the Cliburn below. This project was truly one of a kind.

Connecting with world class pianists

“One of the medalists didn’t have money for lunch during one of the long days of shooting,” recalls Jeremy.  “He said, ‘It’s funny I just won thousands of dollars, and I only have $3 in cash with me and no credit card,’ We had tamales from Reata brought over and sat up a table and chairs in the studio we had set up inside McDavid Hall.

About that time another medalist showed up early for his photo shoot and joined us at the table.  Wow, here we were having a private meal with two recently announced Cliburn medalists.  No telling what a donor would have paid for that experience.  All the contestants we spent time with were enjoyable, kind, easily directed during the shoot, and incredibly humble; especially for just having earned such impressive honors!”

This shoot was Jeremy’s first time to attend a Cliburn performance. However, he and his family attended Van Cliburn’s memorial service in Sundance Plaza when he passed away.  Jeremy remembers the remarkable memorial, for which a Steinway piano was brought onto the outdoor stage, and previous Cliburn finalists from around the world came and played.

“It was beautiful.  We stood in the back and my young daughter, Clara, began dancing to the music,” says Jeremy.  “My initial reaction was, ‘Oh gosh, we can’t be dancing at a memorial service,’ but we continued to let her dance as I thought, ‘Well, Van wouldn’t mind Clara dancing one bit.’  I never had the opportunity to photograph Mr. Cliburn, but he’s at the top of my list of people I wish I’d had the chance to meet.

Creative decisions

Many of the portraits were taken throughout Sundance Square. When choosing locations, Jeremy considered how much Sundance Square had changed since the last Cliburn competition.

“These images will be seen around the world, and downtown Fort Worth will be the background.  Sundance Square Management and Security went above and beyond not only allowing us access for the shoot, but keeping us safe as we were out and about.” -Jeremy Enlow

When asked about his favorite images from the shoot, Jeremy lingered on the portraits presented to each finalist. He says, “We were honored to provide still photography portraits for these six amazing finalists.  I hope the stills will help further their careers.  I wish each and every one of them the very best and look forward to attending some of their contests over the next few years.”


You can see more images from the Cliburn on the Steel Shutter gallery page here. Whether you’re working with an agency for your next photoshoot, or you require creative services, Steel Shutter Photography will work with you to design the perfect shoot. Contact us below to begin your inquiry.

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A View of Thistle Hill

Steel Shutter Photography is proud to be based in Fort Worth, Texas. Jeremy Enlow’s photography has captured many of the important landmarks in this area. On a recent photoshoot for Cook Children’s Hospital, he was able to photograph a unique view of Thistle Hill.

Historic Thistle Hill in Fort Worth, Texas photographed by Jeremy Enlow

Thistle Hill is one of the most important landmarks to survive the Cattle Baron era, according to the city of Fort Worth. The property was built for Electra Waggoner by her father, rancher W.T. Waggoner. Jeremy is especially fond of the estate, as his inaugural coffee table book Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch documents the working cowboys on the W.T. Waggoner Ranch.

Rumor has it that W.T. Waggoner built the house in 1903 to keep Electra from moving too far away after her first marriage. She lived in the home with her first husband, Albert Wharton, for the duration of their nineteen year marriage. Since that time, it has been held by various organizations and historical societies. It is now available for rent for weddings and receptions.

In this photograph, Jeremy managed to capture the mansion, grounds, glimpses of Near Southside, and the downtown Fort Worth skyline. The juxtaposition of so many time periods, architectural styles, and neighborhoods makes it a fascinating image. Most photographs of the home are taken straight on, which obscures the since of place. Here, you can see exactly where the house is in relation to the rest of Fort Worth.

If you’re interested in Texas photography, visit Jeremy’s fine art photography website. There you can find a selection of fine art prints from the Waggoner Ranch, around Texas, and from around the world. Each print is customized for the collector. You can choose from a range of sizes, materials, and framing options to get the print that is right for you.

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Law Firm Photography for DFW

Steel Shutter Photography specializes in attorney portraits and law firm photography. From photoshoots in your boardroom to portraits at the courthouse, Steel Shutter Photography will work with you to create the professional, quality images your firm needs. Based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, Steel Shutter Photography will travel to wherever your law firm does business.

In this recent shoot for Deans & Lyons, bright lighting and a modern environment set the tone for this distinctive law firm. With a cutting edge, modern website, these sleek photos are the perfect addition to the Deans & Lyons image.

Attorney portraits by Fort Worth based Steel Shutter Photography Attorney portraits by Fort Worth based Steel Shutter Photography Attorney portraits by Fort Worth based Steel Shutter Photography


How to get the right attorney portraits for you

1. Choose experience

Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography has published more than 44,000 images worldwide. His expertise shows in his professional, efficient, and creative photoshoots. As busy attorneys, you don’t have time to waste. Steel Shutter Photography will make the best use of your time, giving you quality images that reflect your firm.

2. Showcase your unique strengths

What is it that sets your law firm apart? Your images should showcase your unique strengths and personality. According to one study, people judge your images within 50 milliseconds. That means the images you put on your website and marketing material carry an incredible weight. You need images that stand out and grab your clients’ attention immediately. You only have one chance to get this right.

3. Take your photos in the right environment

Steel Shutter Photography will work with you to design a photoshoot that shows your law firm in action. From inside your office to the inside of the courtroom, the location of your photoshoot will be customized to suit your needs. There’s no one size fits all plan. Every detail will be made to suit your firm.


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Want to see more of Steel Shutter Photography’s attorney portraits? View our corporate photography gallery here. You can contact Steel Shutter Photography to begin your inquiry using the button below.

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Education Photos with Personality

Education is incredibly important, and so is showing prospective students what your university does best. That’s why Steel Shutter Photography specializes in advertising photographs for your school. From editorial shoots that capture a particular story to advertising shoots that show campus life as it happens, Steel Shutter Photography can help you get the perfect images.

Your school has its own culture, values, and traditions. Make sure you hire an advertising photographer who can bring those elements to light.

For years, Jeremy Enlow has been photographing Abilene Christian University. The images below from his most recent shoot give a fresh, personality-filled look at the school. Engaging professors, well-stocked labs, and popular student hangouts came to life in this photoshoot.

No matter what your school’s personality is like, Fort-Worth based Steel Shutter Photography will help you document it.

Get high quality advertising photographs of your college Advertising Photographer Jeremy Enlow Advertising Photographer Jeremy Enlow Advertising Photographer Jeremy Enlow


3 Things Prospective Students are Looking For

1. A strong story

Your university is made up of many departments, teams, and traditions. However, prospective students want to see a streamlined narrative that makes sense. Be selective and intentional about how you tell your story. The more focused it is, the better.

When planning your photoshoot, consider narrative threads that can connect each image. Prospective students are constantly taking in a lot of information. Give them a memorable story.

2. Your amenities

It might seem cliche, but the amenities your campus has to offer can make a big difference to prospective students. When weighing the pros and cons of multiple schools, amenities can create an emotional pull to break the tie.

Your campus amenities are also a strong marketing asset because they display well in visuals. Be sure to get high-quality advertising photographs of your campus’ best features to attract new students.

3. Interesting images

The internet is increasingly visual. That means your prospective students are accustomed to consuming engaging, original visual content regularly. To compete, your school needs to have a library of interesting images to share. From social media to your website, print materials to email campaigns, photographs are essential for marketing success.


If you’re ready to showcase your university with new advertising photos, use the contact button below to begin your free inquiry.

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Advertising Photography for Dallas Interior Designers

Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography specializes in interiors and architectural photography. Based in Dallas / Fort Worth, Jeremy will help you showcase the interiors project you’ve worked so hard to create. Whether you’re a Dallas interior designer, builder, or architect, Steel Shutter Photography will work with you to create advertising photographs that attract your ideal customers.

Steel Shutter Photography from Fort Worth specializes in architectural and interiors photography

The photographs below were taken for Brooks Custom Homes based in Fort Worth, Texas. The company describes their philosophy as creating “homes of distinction with an emphasis on design details. We do this by capturing the charm of timeless architecture without sacrificing modern amenities.” Jeremy’s images capture this philosophy, emphasizing the elegance and modernity of the designs.

o you have an interiors or architectural project you need photographed? Don’t miss the following tips for choosing the right photographer.

3 Tips for Choosing a Photographer for Your Interiors and Architectural Projects

1. Find someone with architectural experience

A photographer with architectural experience will have a unique perspective on your project. With an eye for subtle details and an understanding your space’s individual needs, an architectural photographer will really make your project shine. Steel Shutter Photography has extensive architectural photography experience.

Further reading: How to Hire an Architectural Photographer via Houzz

“[I]f you want photographs that capture the artistry and character of a space … an architectural photographer is your best bet.”

2. Make sure their portfolio fits your style

Every photographer (just like every designer) has a specific style. When searching for a photographer, make sure that their portfolio and vision is aligned with your design aesthetic. You can view Steel Shutter Photography’s architecture portfolio here.

Further reading: How to Hire an Architectural Photographer Part 1 via Archinect

“Have a look at their website and portfolio. Make sure you like the work they produce and don’t just book the first person that comes up in the results. Ask yourself ‘Would my project look good photographed in this way?’”

3. Ensure they have an understanding of architectural style

Your project deserves more than quick real-estate photography. What you want is a photographer who understands how complex details come together to create your overall design vision. An experienced photographer will be attuned to the dynamics of architectural spaces and help your audience connect with your vision.

Further reading: What to Look for When Hiring an Architectural Photographer via Architectural Photography

“It is vital to convey the the personality of a space. Top-tier photography isn’t just about beautiful imagery.  The viewer must feel connected to the vision of the design.”

Are you ready to book your next interiors photo shoot? Just click the contact button below to begin your free inquiry.

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Steel Shutter Photography in New York City

Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography loves to take assignments around the world. From photojournalism projects in Cuba to traveling the country photographing industrial products at work, new places always provide a wealth of inspiration. Based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area of North Texas, no location is too far to capture your perfect advertising photographs.

Steel Shutter Photography is a traveling advertising photographer

In 2016, Jeremy traveled to New York City for the Equus Film Festival to accept an award for his book Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch. While there, he photographed the city. The shots evoke the dynamic motion of this vibrant place. Looking for inspiration for your New York City advertising photo shoot? Check out Jeremy’s photographs below.

“My vision as a photojournalist is to show the reader what they cannot see for themselves.  I like to photograph cultures of hardworking men and women.” -Jeremy Enlow

Many of these images were on display at Jeremy’s latest pop up gallery (the city really shines on aluminum prints). Whether you have an interior design project that requires custom photographs of the Big Apple, or you’re an advertising agency looking to book your next photo shoot, Steel Shutter Photography will create the images you need.

“I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of New York’s skyline.” -Ayn Rand

Want more photography inspiration? Follow Jeremy Enlow on Instagram. There, you can see behind the scenes images from photo shoots, advertising and editorial photographs, and a selection of fine art images. With more than 44,000 images published worldwide, there’s always new images to share!

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Your Business in Motion

Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography is an advertising and media photographer based in Dallas / Fort Worth. With more than 44,000 images published worldwide, he is experienced at capturing the unique way you do business — and that probably doesn’t take place in a photography studio. That’s why Steel Shutter Photography goes on assignment around the world to take on location photography of your business.

On location photography by Steel Shutter

You’ve spent lots of money, time, and energy honing your marketing strategy and positioning your brand. You deserve advertising photographs that tell your unique story and attract your ideal clients. Steel Shutter Photography helps you tell your story with photographs showcasing your business in motion.

Healthcare Industry

Specializing in healthcare photography, Steel Shutter Photography shows patients and stakeholders the quality care you work hard to provide. From large hospitals to private practices, we’ll work with you to create images that show your medical staff’s strengths.

Steel Shutter Photography specializes in healthcare photography

Tourism Industry

Capture the attention of visitors and draw new crowds with photographs that showcase the events and attractions you offer. Live event coverage puts your audience in the heart of the action, while directed photoshoots can offer a more artistic perspective.

Capture your tourism business with advertising photos by Steel Shutter Photography

Industrial Products

Are your products larger than life? Show them in action with on location photo shoots. This is an exciting chance to add real customer success stories to your marketing assets. Whether your products are sold locally or across the country, we’ll travel to where your best work happens.

Industrial photographs by Steel Shutter Photography

Local Businesses

Showcase your Dallas area business location with photography that shows your clients enjoying your services. From restaurants to rock climbing gyms, we’ll take action-packed shots that invite new customers to your place of business.

On location photoshoot for your business by Steel Shutter Photography

Ready to book your next photo shoot? Click the contact button below to begin your free inquiry.

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