Steel Shutter Photography in New York City

Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography loves to take assignments around the world. From photojournalism projects in Cuba to traveling the country photographing industrial products at work, new places always provide a wealth of inspiration. Based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area of North Texas, no location is too far to capture your perfect advertising photographs.

Steel Shutter Photography is a traveling advertising photographer

In 2016, Jeremy traveled to New York City for the Equus Film Festival to accept an award for his book Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch. While there, he photographed the city. The shots evoke the dynamic motion of this vibrant place. Looking for inspiration for your New York City advertising photo shoot? Check out Jeremy’s photographs below.

“My vision as a photojournalist is to show the reader what they cannot see for themselves.  I like to photograph cultures of hardworking men and women.” -Jeremy Enlow

Many of these images were on display at Jeremy’s latest pop up gallery (the city really shines on aluminum prints). Whether you have an interior design project that requires custom photographs of the Big Apple, or you’re an advertising agency looking to book your next photo shoot, Steel Shutter Photography will create the images you need.

“I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of New York’s skyline.” -Ayn Rand

Want more photography inspiration? Follow Jeremy Enlow on Instagram. There, you can see behind the scenes images from photo shoots, advertising and editorial photographs, and a selection of fine art images. With more than 44,000 images published worldwide, there’s always new images to share!

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Your Business in Motion

Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography is an advertising and media photographer based in Dallas / Fort Worth. With more than 44,000 images published worldwide, he is experienced at capturing the unique way you do business — and that probably doesn’t take place in a photography studio. That’s why Steel Shutter Photography goes on assignment around the world to take on location photography of your business.

On location photography by Steel Shutter

You’ve spent lots of money, time, and energy honing your marketing strategy and positioning your brand. You deserve advertising photographs that tell your unique story and attract your ideal clients. Steel Shutter Photography helps you tell your story with photographs showcasing your business in motion.

Healthcare Industry

Specializing in healthcare photography, Steel Shutter Photography shows patients and stakeholders the quality care you work hard to provide. From large hospitals to private practices, we’ll work with you to create images that show your medical staff’s strengths.

Steel Shutter Photography specializes in healthcare photography

Tourism Industry

Capture the attention of visitors and draw new crowds with photographs that showcase the events and attractions you offer. Live event coverage puts your audience in the heart of the action, while directed photoshoots can offer a more artistic perspective.

Capture your tourism business with advertising photos by Steel Shutter Photography

Industrial Products

Are your products larger than life? Show them in action with on location photo shoots. This is an exciting chance to add real customer success stories to your marketing assets. Whether your products are sold locally or across the country, we’ll travel to where your best work happens.

Industrial photographs by Steel Shutter Photography

Local Businesses

Showcase your Dallas area business location with photography that shows your clients enjoying your services. From restaurants to rock climbing gyms, we’ll take action-packed shots that invite new customers to your place of business.

On location photoshoot for your business by Steel Shutter Photography

Ready to book your next photo shoot? Click the contact button below to begin your free inquiry.

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Why Your Advertising Photographs Are Important

If you run a business or work in an advertising agency, chances are you have had a professional advertising photo shoot. The photos look good, and you’re happy to use them in new marketing materials. But have you ever thought about why your advertising photographs are so important?

According to The Atlantic, 1.8 billion photos are uploaded to the internet daily.

“Another way to think about it: Every two minutes, humans take more photos than ever existed in total 150 years ago.”

We have never been more inundated with images than we are now. The statistics are staggering, and should give business owners and marketers pause. Are your advertising photographs catching your audience’s eye amidst all of that visual clutter?

New blog by Dallas Advertising Photographer Jeremy Enlow

High quality advertising photographs are a powerful extension of your brand, helping you stand out in increasingly crowded markets. No matter what industry you’re in, advertising photographs are an increasingly important investment.  MDG Advertising examined consumer behavior in relation to photographs. Their findings included some powerful statistics:

  • 67% of e-commerce shoppers found the quality of product photos very important in their purchasing decisions
  • Content with compelling images performed 94% better than content without

Ready to evaluate your advertising photographs? We’ve curated a list of helpful resources to help you know what role advertising photographs play in your industry.

1. Why Good Marketing Photos Are So Important for Industrials via Industrial Marketer

While this article specifically addresses the needs of industrial businesses, the advice is well researched and applicable across fields. They also offer several great suggestions for planning your photoshoot to maximize its value.

“If a budget is not allocated for marketing photos and a proper plan is not put in place, your target audience may overlook your campaign and the value of your investment will have been. Your overall brand equity could diminish as well.”

2. The Importance of Photos in Advertising via Agency MJ

The succinct insights from Agency MJ include powerful examples from successful advertising campaigns.

“With a ho-hum image, in today’s lightning-fast technology driven world, it’s easy for people to click away – and just like that, you’ve lost your market & your advertising has failed.”

3. How Photos Can Make or Break Your Marketing Campaign via Entrepreneur

Ann Handley shares concrete advice to help marketers succeed in the digital landscape. Including detailed tips to help you leverage informal and user-generated images, this article will have you rethinking your entire approach to sharing images with your customers.

“Embrace images as brand art. For a lot of businesses, content equals text. But photographs and other visual materials should be staples of your marketing mix.”

Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography has published more than 44,000 images worldwide. An advertising and media photographer based in Fort Worth, Texas, he takes assignments around the world. Click the contact button below to set up your next advertising photo shoot.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Business Instagram Account

Instagram is growing by leaps and bounds, with more than 500 million registered users and 300 million daily active users. With the roll out of Instagram stories, it’s playing an even bigger role in the social media playing field. So, what’s so important about Instagram?

  • 60% of online adults have an Instagram account
  • 51% of users access the site daily
  • 30% of users earn $50,000 – $74,999 per year
  • 32% of users have a college education


These statistics translate into some serious marketing potential your business should be taking advantage of. And since you have so many great advertising photos from your last behind the scenes photo shoot, you’re more than ready to jump on board. Below, we’ve curated some great resources to help you make the most of Instagram.

Turn your behind the scenes photos into a compelling Instagram feedAdvance Your Strategy

1. 26 Tips for Using Instagram for Business via Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is always a wealth of information for digital marketers, and this article does not disappoint. Get key Instagram statistics, analytics tools, and insight into how the top brands are leveraging the platform.

2. Instagram for Business: 30 Tips to Grow Your Audience and Stand Out on Instagram via Buffer

These 30 tips use well-tested research and insights from key marketers to help you improve your feed. You’ll learn actionable take aways you can put to use today, backed up by hard numbers and experience.

Make Graphics on the Go

A mix of photographs and text-based graphics work well on Instagram. Destress the content creation process with these useful apps.

3. Wordswag

Wordswag is a simple mobile app that allows you to add ready-made text designs to your images. Easily share quotes, promotions, and other text-based content with a few taps.

4. Canva

If you want more control over the design process, Canva is for you. Even better, most features are available for free. A premium subscription will give you access to additional design elements and the ability to automatically resize graphics to fit other social media channels.

5. A Color Story

Once you’re an Instagram pro, you start obsessing over your grid. If whitespace is your thing, A Color Story is an easy way to add white padding to your photos. It also offers high quality filters and editing tools that make colors pop and keep whites bright.

Now that you’re ready to jump over to Instagram, don’t forget to follow us @jeremyenlow. Need more high-quality photographs to share on your feed? Contact Steel Shutter today to book your advertising photo shoot.

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Great Advice From Moms to Inspire Your Next Photoshoot

Mother’s Day weekend is a great time to soak up wisdom from the moms in our lives. They love, encourage, and inspire us — and they’re often there with some good advice when we need it most. As we leave the holiday behind, let these quotes from famous moms inspire you.

Great advice from moms to inspire your next photoshoots
  1. “Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.” – Judy Garland

    A first-rate piece of advice for life and creative endeavors. Remember when planning your photoshoot that your audience wants to connect with your unique message. Don’t waste time trying to copy anyone else. In the end, it will just dilute your image.

  2. “Whatever the problem, be part of the solution. Don’t just sit around raising questions and pointing out obstacles.” – Tina Fey

    Life is hard, and marketing can be too. Remember this advice when brainstorming new ideas — trust us, it will come in handy.

  3. “There’s no formula.” – J.K. Rowling

    Rules were made to be broken, and your photoshoot will shine if you embrace creativity. Letting go of the formulas you typically use in your marketing materials reveal new, untapped angles of your brand.

  4. “I was taught that the way of progress is neither swift nor easy.” – Marie Curie

    At the end of the day, everything worth doing involves some hard work. When it comes to your photoshoot, Steel Shutter Photography will do the heavy lifting to make sure the process is as simple and easy as possible. That leaves you with more time for the life- changing work you love to do.

Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography is an advertising, media, and fine arts photographer with more than 44,000 images published worldwide. Ready to book your next photoshoot? Contact Steel Shutter using the button below.

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Behind the Scenes of a Successful Pop Up Gallery

April 20-23 marked the third pop up gallery Jeremy Enlow put up in Fort Worth. Enlow, who owns Steel Shutter Photography, is also a fine art photographer. For his latest pop up gallery, he took over a 4,000 square foot building in Sundance Square during Main Street Arts Festival. The event drew large crowds and was his most successful pop up gallery to date. With visitors from all over the world (and local VIP Mayor Betsy Price!), it was an exciting way to connect with new audiences and bring art into downtown Fort Worth. Here, we’re sharing 4 of our tips for planning your own pop up gallery.

Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography brought his third pop up gallery for Main Street Arts Festival

4 Tips for a Successful Pop Up Gallery

  1. Plan Your Gallery’s FlowA well thought out flow is essential to helping people get the most out of your art. Carefully curate your pieces into collections that share a theme — whether that is subject, location, or visual style. Think about the way people will walk through the space, and arrange the collections in a progression that makes sense for you.
  2. Create Defined Spaces

    It’s not enough to just put art in the walls. If you want people to really spend time in your gallery, you need to create inviting spaces that encourage lingering. A comfortable seating area and dedicated space for payments and taking custom orders are essential. You may also want to have special activity centers or photo booths to encourage further interaction with the gallery.

  1. Spread the Word via Social Media

    The temporary nature of pop up galleries makes it naturally compatible with social media marketing. Set up a Facebook Event, make sure people can check-in to the gallery, and create a unique hashtag to share your event. Encourage visitors to share their experience on their social media profiles to maximize your reach.

  2. Host Mini Events

    To encourage bursts of visitors and keep excitement flowing, plan mini events throughout your gallery’s duration. You might host live music, have a catered reception, or give a talk about one of your collections. These events can be short and simple — once you’ve attracted a crowd, it’s easier to keep the momentum flowing.

To see more images from Jeremy’s pop up gallery and find out about upcoming events, follow him on Instagram @jeremyenlow. There, he shares photos from Steel Shutter assignments, behind the scenes images of life as a Dallas / Fort Worth advertising photographer, and news about his fine art photography exhibits. His next event will be at Antek’s in Dallas on May 11. You can learn more about that event here.

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Dallas / Fort Worth Food Photography

Do you own a restaurant in the Dallas / Fort Worth area? Attract hungry (literally) customers with advertising photos that showcase your best dishes. Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography has published more than 44,000 images worldwide. That experience has given him plenty of insight into taking food photographs that delight your target customers.

Joe T. Garcia's restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas photographed by Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography

For this recent photo shoot at Joe T. Garcia’s, Jeremy highlighted the rich colors and atmosphere of the Fort Worth landmark. The result is a vibrant collection of images that showcase the unique dining experience Joe T. Garcia’s offers. Layers of texture, color, and glistening food tell a dynamic and mouthwatering story.

Joe T. Garcia's restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas photographed by Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography

3 Articles to Improve Your Food Styling

Excellent food styling plus an experienced advertising photographer are a recipe for photoshoot success. Here, we’ve gathered three great resources to help you improve your food styling. Whether you’re preparing for a professional photoshoot or polishing your restaurant’s Instagram feed, these tips are sure to help you stand out.

  1. 10 Ways to Improve Your Food Photography Styling  via Digital Photography School
    Digital Photography School lays out 10 basic tips that will add polish and interest to your food photography.
    Best tip: capture the “yum” factor of your dish and highlight it (like the creamy drips of an ice cream cone).
  2. Food-Styling 101: Pro-Tips to Step up Your Game via Serious Eats
    This thorough guide is aimed at amateur chefs, but has insights anyone can get value from. We especially love the comparison shots that demonstrate how different garnishes, serving styles, and other choices can change the feel of a shoot.
    Best tip: make sure your garnishes look delicious, not just beautiful.
  3. Food, Beautiful Food via Stylist
    Stylist magazine came up with this guide-slash-homage to food photography. Walking through the essentials of lighting, color, and framing, it also includes some interesting tips for adding visual interest from a food stylist.
    Best tip: try adding parchment paper or rumpled brown paper under food to create additional lines and add dimension to your visual story.


More from the Steel Shutter Blog:

Ready to book your food photoshoot? Contact Steel Shutter Photography today using the button below!

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3 Ways to Improve Your Staff Photography

Do your staff photographs look outdated? Are you ready to have photos that communicate how your company does business? Follow these three tips to improve your staff photographs.

1. Showcase Their Best Work

Your staff photographs can be used for a number of purposes — from marketing campaigns to website bios. At the end of the day, though, they exist to connect your customers and stakeholders with the people who make the work you do possible.

3 Ways to Improve Your Staff Photography by Fort Worth advertising photographer Jeremy Enlow

Use your staff photoshoot as an opportunity to showcase the work your employees do best. Whether that’s in a boardroom or patrolling the city, Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography will document your staff’s unique expertise.

For the photoshoot of Sundance Square security officers above, Jeremy took to the streets of Downtown. Always experimenting with new ways to get the perfect shot, he mounted his camera to a bicycle for part of the shoot. You can see that photograph over on Instagram!

2. Connect with Customers

Let your staff photographs help you position your brand. When you show potential customers not just who they’re doing business with, but how those people do business, you get a chance to set yourself apart. Think outside of studio headshots and get photographs that show your employees connecting with customers. The results are more authentic, and more engaging for your audience.

3 Ways to Improve Your Staff Photography by DFW advertising photographer Jeremy Enlow

3. Embrace Your Company Culture

Make sure that your staff photographs fit with your brand and company culture. Infuse elements of what makes your business unique into each image — whether that’s your place of business, signature products, or employee attitudes you value. The image below captures Joe T. Garcia’s famous patio dining space, uniform, and the vibrant attitude of their staff. Whatever your company values most can become a powerful part of your staff photographs.

3 ways to improve your staff photography by Dallas / Fort Worth advertising photographer Jeremy Enlow

Ready to get new staff photographs for your business? Contact Steel Shutter Photography today to begin collaborating on your photo shoot. Based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, Steel Shutter Photography accepts assignments around the world. Jeremy will work with you to create a staff photoshoot that is efficient and effective, communicating your business’ unique story.

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Need a Dallas Advertising Photographer?

Look for a Dallas advertising photographer for your next shoot? Steel Shutter Photography delivers advertising photos with an editorial quality. Jeremy Enlow, the man behind the lens, has more than 36,000 images published worldwide, and was the winner of this year’s AAF Fort Worth Gold Addy Award for Still Photography Campaigns.

A commercial photographer based out of Fort Worth, Texas, Jeremy Enlow shoots on location wherever you do business. Check out the images from his recent Dallas advertising shoots below.

In the Office

This photoshoot for Reid Collins & Tsai law firm captures the modern aesthetic and quick, results-oriented environment of the firm. Bright lighting and dynamic movement characterize the shoot. Reid Collins & Tsai is a boutique trial firm with offices in Austin, Dallas, New York, and Washington D.C.

Your law firm portraits can have style.

Jeremy Enlow specializes in attorney portraits and law firm photography. Whether you’re looking for authoritative photos taken within the courthouse, or want to show clients your firm’s modern office, Jeremy will collaborate with you to design the perfect shoot.

Dallas has a strong business culture. Let Steel Shutter Photography showcase what you bring to the table with fresh advertising photographs taken in your place of business.

Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography is an advertising photographer serving the Dallas / Fort Worth area

On the Town

Position yourself as the fresh face around town with advertising photos that embrace your city’s unique style. These photographs for Uptown Dallas, Inc. show what it’s like to work and play in the Big D. Your advertising shoot can capture your own Dallas neighborhood’s look and feel, creating a strong connection with your local clientele. Where you do business matters, and a photoshoot out on the town embraces that.

Contact Steel Shutter Photography for your Dallas advertising photographs

This colorful photo is one of our favorites right now. It embodies the colorful spirit of Uptown, and has a great editorial quality. Your photographs can leverage the artistic features of your city, creating striking images that resonant with your customers.

You advertising photographs can have street style, like this image for Uptown Dallas, Inc.

Ready to collaborate with Jeremy on your Dallas advertising photoshoot? Use the contact button below to begin your free inquiry.

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Saying Goodbye to Shotwell Stadium

In November 2016, Jeremy Enlow had the opportunity to photograph a 40 page photo essay for Abilene Christian University. The essay documents the last home game at Abilene’s Shotwell Stadium. Built in 1959, the stadium has been the home stadium for Abilene High School, Cooper High School, and Abilene Christian University. It also hosted the Pecan Bowl for four years in the 1960s.

Shotwell Stadium Photo Essay by Jeremy Enlow

Jeremy has been a sports photographer for ACU for many years. You can see some of his photographs from ACU’s games here.  Documenting this historic game was an important moment for Jeremy. This photo essay serves as a final farewell to Shotwell. ACU will play on a new stadium on campus in 2017. Order up! Grilling at Shotwell Stadium

The images appear in the Winter-Spring issue of ACU Today, Abilene Christian University’s alumni magazine.  You can see the full issue, including Jeremy’s photographs, here.

The historic Shotwell Stadium was once home to the Pecan Bowl

Tell the Stories That Matter Most to You

When your organization celebrates a milestone, Steel Shutter Photography is there to document it. From live sports event coverage to extensive photo essays, Jeremy Enlow of Steel Shutter Photography will make sure your story gets told. With a background in both fine art and advertising photography, Jeremy works hard to tell the stories of his subjects with authenticity.

“My vision as a photojournalist is to show the reader what they cannot see for themselves.  I like to photograph cultures of hardworking men and women.” -Jeremy Enlow

Some of Jeremy’s notable photography projects include documenting 26 working cowboys on the Waggoner Ranch, as well as his uncensored images of everyday people in Cuba. His photo essay of Shotwell Stadium is the latest in his collection of narrative rich photographs. Your most important stories are often once in a lifetime events. Jeremy’s experience ensures that you will get the highest quality images of your important moments.

A freelance advertising photographer based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, Jeremy is available for assignments around the world. Wherever you need an experienced advertising photographer, Steel Shutter Photography will come to you. Click on the contact button below to begin your free inquiry today.

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